Awards Winning Projects

1 ENGINEERING Need Based Maintenance Of Track A Software Module For Effective Use Or Results Of Track Recording Cars And Related Information SPCE AMP02_2_2004 565 Yes
2 ENGINEERING Working of Suburban section with over aged infrastructure of sealdah division PCE AMP04_01_2005 669 Yes
3 OPERATING Strategic Talent Management Plan for Running Staff in IR SPEE AMP_06_01_2009 A0922 Yes
4 SIGNAL AND TELECOMUNICATION Real time monitoring of automatic signaling section by station master through display panel in BRC-ST of Western Railway SPST AMP-01-2010-02 A1002 Yes
5 ENGINEERING Performance Contract for Energy Efficiency Measures - A Case study of Rail Bhawan SPEE MDP01_6_2004 M528 Yes
6 SIGNAL AND TELECOMUNICATION How to make Railnet More Efficient for Use as a Management Tool in Day to Day Working in Railways SPST MDP05_5_2005 M635 Yes
7 ELECTRICAL Energy efficient driving technique of EMUs with a view to reduce operating cost in MSB-TBM Section of Chennai division, SR SPEE MDP03_4_2006 M0613 Yes
8 ENGINEERING GSM BASED Automatic Flood Water Monitoring System for Bridges SPCE MDP01_1_2007 M0701 Yes
9 ENGINEERING Rehabilitation of Major Bridge No.37 on Kharagoda river between Patdi and Kharagoda stations at VG-KOD BG Section on Ahmedabad Division of Western Railway SPCE MDP_03_02_2009 M0913 Yes
10 COMMERCIAL Work Study based safai working rules for Railway Station PCM MDP-05-2010-01 M1020 Yes
11 ENGINEERING Effective water management at Bilaspur Railway Station – A case studySaving Projected 7 lakh liter water per day = Rs. 1.81 crores pa SPMGT/SPCE/SPME MDP 06/13 - Yes
12 ENGINEERING Enhance the average speed in saturated section of Hyderabad Division SPCE/SPTM MDP 04 /14 - Yes
13 S & T Reduction in carbon emission through networking of power control management system .. SPST MDP 02/15 - Yes
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