There are 29 Faculty members including the Director General in the grade of General Manager. Faculty members are drawn from various field units having distinguished service and special qualifications. Besides, eminent academicians and specialists are invited as visiting faculty. The faculty members participate in Seminars, Workshops etc., organized by the various Institutions in the country. The faculty also serves on the task forces nominated by the Ministry.

List of Administration and Faculty

Service/Batch :- IRSSE/1982
Email Address:-
P&T Number:- 2638666
Railway:- 45200
Educational Qualification :- B.E. (Electronics & Communication Engineering), University of Roorkee.


North Eastern Railway, Gorakhpur Dy.CSTE/TELE May-95 Jan-96
North Eastern Railway, Gorakhpur Dy.CSTE/CON/W Jan-96 Nov-96
North Eastern Railway, Izzatnagar Sr.DSTE Nov-96 Jun-97
North Eastern Railway, Varanasi Sr.DSTE Jun-97 Feb-99
North Eastern Railway, Gorakhpur Dy.CSTE/MW Feb-99 Apr-99
North Eastern Railway, Gorakhpur Dy.CSTE/CON Apr-99 Feb-01
North Eastern Railway, Gorakhpur DGM/G Feb-01 Sep-01
North Eastern Railway, Gorakhpur Dy.CSTE/CON/W Sept-01 Nov-04
North Eastern Railway, Lucknow Sr.DSTE/LJN Nov-04 Jan-05
North Eastern Railway, Gorakhpur Dy.CSTE/CON/W Jan-05 Feb-05
North Eastern Railway, Gorakhpur CSE Mar-05 Sep-05
North Eastern Railway, Gorakhpur CSTE/CON Sep-05 Jun-09
North Western Railway, Jaipur CSTE/CON Jun-09 Aug-12
IRISET/SC DEAN Sep-12 01/06/2016
CR/Mumbai CSTE/Proj. 06/06/2016 01/12/2017
Metro Rly., Kolkata PCSTE 03/12/2018 13/01/2020
NAIR, Vadodara DG 14/01/2020  

Training courses attended :







AMP 05.01.1998 29.01.1998 1998 RSC/Vadodara
Information Technology 22.01.2001 02.02.2001 2001 IRISET/SC
Tender, Contract, Selection 10.09.2001 13.09.2001 2001 IRISET/SC
Project Management 29.04.2002 03.05.2002 2002 IRISET/SC
Training Managers Workshop 11.04.2005 13.04.2005 2005 RSC/Vadodara
Overview of Technology, Operation & Maintenance of Assets on Railway System 06.10.2008 18.10.2008 2008 Germany & Italy Railways (Berlin & Rome)
Advanced Strategic Management  21.05.2018  25.05.2018 2018 Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, USA

Contact Details :


BSNL Email address
Off. Res. Off.




45300 2638666 2638147

Service/Batch :- IRTS/2000
Email Address :-
Mobile No. :- 9601285941
Railway :- National Academy of Indian Railways, Vadodara

Educational Qualifications :- BE(IC)
Professional Qualifications :- MBA (Executive Program), PhD

Places of Posting and Designation Held:

Place Designation Duration Responsibilities
From To
Asansol, ER AOM(G) 11.03.2003 25.10.2005 Operations,Planning,Safety,HR
Malda, ER DSO 26.10.2005 06.12.2006 Safety Management
Churchgate, WR STM ( G & Track) 09.12.2006 24.01.2007 Operations, Coordination
Ahmedabad, WR DOM (Coaching) 25.01.2007 08.05.2007 Coaching Operations, Planning, HR
Gandhidham, WR ARM 10.05.2007 14.02.2011 Operations, Commercial, Customer Relationship Management, HR
Rajkot, WR Sr. DOM 16.02.2011 23.05.2014 Planning, Operations, Safety, Customer Relationship Management, HR
Vadodara, WR Sr. DOM 26.05.2014 31.08.2016 Planning, Operations, Safety, Customer Relationship Management, HR
NAIR, Vadodara Professor (IT) 01.09.2016 29.09.2020 IT Management, Management, Communication Skills, Safety, Operations, Commercial
NAIR, Vadodara Dy. Director General


03.02.2020 28.09.2020 (I/C)  
NAIR, Vadodara Dy. Director General


29.09.2020 to till date  

Training courses attended:

Description of the course Duration Year Institution
From To
Training on MS Excel & Visual Basic 06.06.2005 10.06.2005 2005 RSC, BRC
Programme on Safety management 09.01.2006 13.01.2006 2006 IRITM, Lucknow
Management Development programme 22.05.2006 16.06.2006 2006 RSC, BRC
Management & Business develop- ment for IRTS officers 12.12.2006 18.01.2007 2007 IIM, Lucknow
Programme on Freight Business Marketing 01.09.2008 05.09.2008 2008 RSC,BRC
Transport, Planning & Operations refresher course 11.07.2011 16.07.2011 2011 IRITM, LKO
Programme on Marketing 29.10.2012 02.11.2012 2012 IRITM, LKO
Training for Heavy Haul Train Operations 10.05.2015 23.05.2015 2015 Beijing, China
Workshop for Sr.DOMs/Sr.DCMs 18.04.2016 22.04.2016 2016 IRITM, Lucknow
ATI/CTI course on “Space Technologies based tools and applications in Governance and Development”  06.03.2017 10.03.2017 2017 NRSC, ISRO, Hyderabad
“Role of ICT in driving Government Performance” 15.05.2017 19.05.2017 2017 National Productivity Council, Leh, Ladakh
TOT on Facilitation Technology 16.08.2017 17.08.2017 2017 LBSNAA, Mussorie
Direct Trainer Skills 21.08.2017 25.082017 2017 NATRSS, New Delhi
Design of Training 06.11.2017 10.11.2017 2017 Yashada, Pune
Training of Trainers – Case Studies Method 08.01.2018 12.01.2018 2018 LBSNAA, Mussoorie
Advanced Management Program 26.03.2018 06.04.2018 2018 NAIR, Vadodara
Leadership with Emotional Intelligence 08.12.2018 10.12.2018 2018 NAIR, Vadodara
Strategic Management Program 23.06.2019 29.06.2019 2019 ISB, Mohali
Program on Mentoring 16.10.2019 18.10.2019 2019 PDUNASS, New Delhi

Workshops / Seminars attended :

Sr. No. Workshop / Seminar Place Duration/Period
1 Global Technology Seminar New Delhi 03.05.2017 to 04.05.2017
2 Annual conference on Container New Delhi 05.07.2017 to 06.07.2017

Training Abroad:

Sr. No. Workshop / Seminar Place Duration/Period
1 Training for Heavy Haul Train Operations Beijing, China 10.05.2015 to 23.05.2015
2 Advanced Management Program ICLIF, Malesia 16.04.2018 to 20.04.2018
3 Advanced Management Program INSEAD, Singapore 23.04.2018 to 27.04.2018
4 Study Tour of Russian Railways Russia 09.09.2019 to 13.09.2019

Interest :            High Speed Rail Transportation, Urban Transportation, Transportation Planning

Service/Batch :- IRSME/1984
Email Address :-
Mobile No. :- 9974003522 (O), 7048974037 (Pers)
Railway :- NAIR/BRC

Educational Qualifications :-Pt I & II of I.Mech E U K , P G Diploma in Public Administration

Places of Posting and Designation Held in Last 10 Years (Reverse Chronological Order) :
Place Designation Duration Responsibilities
From To
Vadodara Chief of Faculty (Mechanical) 08.10.2020   Academic Subjects
Jamalpur Director/ IRIMEE 02.04.2019 01.09.20 Administrative Head of CTI ,Incharge of Training Activities at Jamalpur
New Delhi Group GM, RITES Ltd, New Delhi 15.04.2015 01.04.2019 SBU Head of Northern Region , Looking after Quality Assurance Activities
Kapurthala Chief Workshop Engineer  ( Furnishing) & Chief Plant Engineer  , Rail Coach Factory 30.10.2012 14.04.2015 Head of Furnishing Division and Plant Division at RCF , Involved in Rail Car manufacture , Machinery & Plant Maintenance
Ahmedabad Additional Divisional Railway Manager , Western  Railway , Ahmedabad  16.08.2010 29.10.2012 Assisting Divisional  Railway Manager in administration of Divisional l work responsible for Train operations in the
Training courses attended :
Description of the course Duration Year Institution
From To
PG Diploma In Public Administration , New Delhi 01.07.2007 31.03.2008 2007-08 IIPA, New Delhi
Executive Program on Geopolitics & Security Study 03.08.2006 30.08.2006 2006 Asia Pacific Centre for Security Studies , Honolulu, USA

Interest :

Academic :-  Additive and Lean Manufacturing 

Research :- Heat Treatment Cycles and Failure Analysis 

Awards and Achievements :- CMDs Award for Head of Best SBU in RITES Ltd,  2016, 2017 &  2018

Articles :- Re-alignment of  Training as per Lean Principles , IRIMEE Journal July 2020

Service/Batch :- IRAS/1987
Email Address :-
Mobile No. :- 9974003513
Railway :- 45219

Educational Qualifications :- MBA, PhD

Positions held so far :
Sr. No. Name of post HQ/Station/ Rly Period of posting Brief responsibility
From To
1 IRAS Probationer RSC/BRC 06.03.1989 03.03.1991 Probationary training
2 ADAO/BCT WR/Mumbai 04.03.1991 07.03.1991 All Jr. Scale matters relating to Finance & Accounts functions work – one of the largest divisions of IR – Mumbai Division
3 AAO (PC)/BCT WR/Mumbai 08.03.1991 15.03.1992
4 SAO(F/P&S)/CCG WR/Mumbai 16.03.1992 03.03.1993 Independent charge of Finance functions of WR, Churchgate.
5 SAO(W&S)PL WR/Mumbai 05.03.1993 30.11.1995 Independent charge of Carriage Workshop and EMU Workshop along with Stock verification functions
6 Dy. CAO(W&S)PL WR/Mumbai 01.12.1995 21.04.1996
7 Dy. CAO(Sales) WR/Mumbai 22.04.1996 16.04.2000 Workshop and Stores Accounts functions
8 Dy. FA&CAO(S&C) WR/Mumbai 17.04.2000 22.01.2001 Construction Accounts
9 Sr. DAO/NR NR/Lucknow 14.02.2001 16.04.2002 Sr. DFM functions of LKO division
10 Director(Finance) RDSO/LKO 17.04.2002 23.08.2004 R&D functions
11 Dy. Director (Sr.) LBSNAA/ Mussoorie 25.08.2004 17.07.2008 On deputation to training academy of IAS officers
12 Sr. Prof.(PPP) IRITM/LKO 18.07.2008 21.08.2012 Faculty member for setting up PPP training infrastructure as Sr.Prof. (PPP)
13 ED(Finance) RDSO/LKO 22.08.2012 28.12.2018 Principal Financial Advisor for R&D related Finance and Accounts functions
14 Chief of Faculty (Finance) NAIR/BRC 31.12.2018 Till date Training on :

·Railway Finance

·Alternate Finance

·Private Public Partnership (PPP)

Co-ordinating Faculty for Finance for all CTIs of IR

Experience : Vast professional experience of 30 years on IR, and worked in almost all areas of Finance and Accounts, including ConstructionAccounts, Divisional Accounts, Stores and Workshop Accounts.Major teaching and training experience in apex level Civil Service training Academy- LBSNAA/Mussoorie, IRITM/LKO.

Special Foreign Exposure in Teaching/Training Activities : Taught Public Policy in University of Yorkshire, UK (2012); Taught Financial Management & Railway Restructuring in University of Texas, USA (2007).

Teaching Responsibilities in NAIR :  PPP, Infrastructure Financing, Project Management, Strategic Finance, Business Policy, and Leadership.

Areas of Specialization & Interests :  PPP in Infrastructure, especially Transport Infrastructure; Key Policy issues of Civil Services Reform and Privatization; Public Policy Planning and Socio-Economic analysis of Infrastructure Investment; PPP contractual issues, Regulatory norms for Infrastructure sector and revenue sharing arrangement; Leadership issues in Public Administration, Business Policy & Strategy, Disinvestment and Privatisation, Ethics & Governance.

Training / programmes attended:

Sr. Training / Programmes Place Duration/Period
1 Productivity and Financial Appraisal Systems of European Railway workshops as part of a Study Group sent by Indian Railways France, Germany, Netherlands 1994
2 Development Issues & Urban Management including Metro Transport Systems Seoul, South Korea 2008 (2 weeks)
3 Technology Development initiative for higher axle load wagon – Part of Ministry of Railways delegation ARI (American Railroad Institute), USA February 2013
4 High Speed Train Operations Japan August 2016

Workshops / Seminars attended:

Sr. Workshop / Seminar Place Duration/Period
1 Strategic Management issues ISB/HYB 7 days
16.12.2012 to 22.12.2012
2 New Financial Initiatives in IR NAIR/BRC 3 days
21.12.2015 to 23.12.2015
3 TOT Level I & II DoPT / ISTM 2005 / 2006
4 PPP in Infrastructure Sector Planning Commission 2010

Training Abroad:

Sr. Training/Programmes Place Duration/Period
1 Service Marketing and Customer Relationship Management Strategies INSEAD, Singapore and ICLIF, Malaysia Two weeks (2010)

Books published / Papers written :

(i)Ideas on PPP – An Anthology of Ideas on PPP, with special focus on Transport Infrastructure (Publication: IRITM, Ministry of Railways)

(ii)Handbook of Project Finance and PPP Terminology (IRITM)

(iii)Working Paper – Studying the Efficacy of Brownfield Airport Modernisation Programme – Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL).Paper accepted for presentation at IIM/Bangalore (August 2010).

(iv)Passenger Satisfaction Survey Report and Benchmarking of Performance Standards for Indian Railway stations (2012)

(v)Infrastructure PPPs – Guiding Principles for the Public Managers (RSC Journal Abhivyakti, Vol.20, No.1 January-July 2010).

(vi)RDSO Technical Journal 2012: PPP in Infrastructure Sector

Other Professional Achievements :

(a)Visiting Faculty on Public Financing / PPP and Infrastructure / Procurement Policy Reforms in CTIs/ATIs of Govt. of India; IA&AS Academy, Shimla; LBSNAA, Mussoorie; NADT, Nagpur; Ordnance Factory Training Centre, Nagpur; UP Academy of Administration, Lucknow; Lucknow University, Lucknow; IIM, Lucknow.

(b)Expert Speaker on Infrastructure in several national level conferences organised by C-TRAM, CII, Marcus Evans and International Rail Technology seminars at RDSO, Ministry of Railways.

(c)Shortlisted at National level for Hubert Humphrey Fulbright Fellowship, USA (1995)

(d)Awarded Erasmus Mundus Teaching Fellowship, Budapest, E.U. (2010)

Contact Details:

Railway BSNL E-mail
Off. Res. Off. Res.
091-45219 091-45319 0265-2653956 9974003513

Service/Batch :- 
Email Address :- 
Mobile No. :- 
Railway :- 

Educational Qualifications :- 

Service/Batch :-IRSS/1991
Email Address
Mobile No. :-9974003516
Railway :-WR

Educational Qualifications :-
Name of Institute and place Duration Degree Main course of study
From To
Management Development Institute, Gurgaon July’1997 Sept’1998 Post Graduation Diploma in Management Information Management
MBM Engineering College, Jodhpur Aug’1982 March’1988 Bachelor of Engineering ( 5 year Degree Course) Civil Engineering
Positions held so far :-
Name of post HQ/Station/Rly Period of posting Brief responsibility
1 Sr Professor Materials Management (Coordination) National Academy of Indian Railways, Vadodara June 2020& continuing Taking session on Materials management, Supply chain management, vigilance module, ISO certification at NAIR, etc
2 Chief Materials Manager Ahmedabad, Western Railway June 2019 to June 2020 In-charge of materials management functions on 5 divisions and 2 districts of WR
3 Additional Divisional Railway Manager Bhavnagar/ Western Railway June-2016 to May 2019 Safe & punctual running of trains, monitoring loading and earnings, budget           (920 Cr earnings, 600 Cr Ordinary working expenditure), grievance redressal, HR issues related to 6800 employees etc.
4 Professor ( Inventory Management) National Academy of Indian Railways, Vadodara May-2009 to June-2016 Centralized Training Incharge of IRSS probationers, taking lectures on Material Management topics.
5 Dy. Chief Material Manager Western Railway Headquarter, Mumbai May-2006 to May-2009 Procurement of Diesel Loco, M&P, Electric loco EMU items, Inventory control & logistics.
6 Dy. Chief Vigilance Officer NWR Headquarter, Jaipur Aug-2002 to April-2006 Vigilance & anti corruption activities, MIS for vigilance.
7 Dy. Chief Material Manager Diesel locomotive works, Patiala July-2002 to Aug-2002 Procurement of Diesel Locomotives & scrap disposal
8 Dy. Controller of Stores SCR Headquarters, Secundrabad Dec-2001 to July-2002 Procurement of various items and inventory control
9 Senior Stores Officer SCR Headquarters, Secundrabad Oct-1998 to Dec-2001 Procurement of carriage, wagon and hardware items
10 Senior Stores Officer SCR Headquarters, Secundrabad Sept-1994 to July-1997 Inventory control, Scrap disposal, budget, computerization, PL section etc.
11 Assistant Controller of Stores SC Railway, Guntakal June-1992 to Sept-1994 Planning, forecasting of demand, receipt, inspection and warehousing, inventory control etc.
12 IRSS Probationer Railway Staff College, Vadodara Jan-1991 to June-1992 Attending Probationary training at various locations all over IR.
Training Courses/ Workshops/ Seminars attended :-
Training / Workshop Place Duration / Period
1 Safety Management Course for ADRM/SAG officers IRITM, Lucknow 05/02/2018 to 07/02/2018
2 27th Workshop on “Strategic Management Issues” Indian School of Business, Hydrabad 22/09/2014 to 27/09/2014
3 18th Global Symposium on “Managing Infrastructure Projects” By “Project Management Associates” at New Delhi 06/12/2010 to 08/12/2010
4 Advance Management Programme    
  (a)  Domestic Component Railway Staff College, Vadodara 02/11/2009 to 13/11/2009
  (b)  Customer Strategies Module INSEAD, Singapure 16/11/2009 to 20/11/2009
  (c)  Scenario thinking & Innovation ICLIF (International Centre for Leadership in Finance, Kuala Lumpur), Malaysia 23/11/2009 to 27/11/2009
5 Direct Trainer Skills (DTS) LBSNAA, Mussoorie 17/08/2009 to 21/08/2009
6 Management Development Programme (4 weeks) Railway Staff College, Vadodara Jan 2000

Designation:- Sr. Prof.(Health Management)
Service/Batch:- IRHS – 1988 Batch
Grade:- SAG, HAG-NF
Email Address:-
P&T Number:- 2653951
Railway:- 45212
Educational Qualifications:- MBBS, DTCD(CHEST&TB)

Positions held so far :

Sr. No. Name of post HQr/Station/Rly Period of posting Brief responsibility
1 ADMO, DMO NRCH, DCW/PTA 14.6.89- 19.10.96 Ward I/C, Clinical work ,Hosp.stores
2 DMO, SR.DMO(NFSG) DIV.HOSP/ RJT/WR 25.10.96-13.8.2005 Clinical work, Ward I/C,PME, H&FW I/C
3 SR.DMO(NFSG) DIV.HOSP/ ASN/ER 19.8.2005-16.5.2006 TB ward I/C, Clinical work
4 PROF(HM) NAIR(RSC)/BRC 18.5.2005-21.12.2009 IRMS Prob-CD, various med Course Director, Logistic I/C Health & Sanitation, Awarded contracts of Hostel Housekeeping
5 PROF(HM), SAG(DACP) NAIR/BRC 22.12.2009- 05.3.2015
6 ADDL.CMD(IH) HQ/CCG/WR 10.3.2015-11.5.2018 Procurement, Court cases, Grievances, Disaster Mgt. Nodal Officer, Posting&transfers of staff, M&P and Works Prog
7 ADDL.CMS(ADM) DIV.HOSP/PRTN,BRC/WR 18.5.2018-28.2.2020 Overall Admin I/C of Hosp, Leave & Duty arrangement of doctors of divn, Staff grievances, Medical Board coordinator, Stores I/C, M&P, Works Prog, Bills passing
8 PROF(HM),SAG NAIR/BRC 29.2.2020 CD-IRHS probationers& conducting other HM courses, Delivering lectures in various classes
9 Sr. PROF(HM), SAG, HAG-NF NAIR/BRC 22.10.2020 CD-IRHS probationers& conducting other HM courses, Delivering lectures in various classes
  • Experience : 31 YEARS, Worked in various capacities as clinician, in administration in Open line, PU, HQ of various Railways and as faculty in NAIR previously and at present.
  • Responsibilities in NAIR :
  1. CD of IRHS probationers at NAIR/CTI and other HM courses.

     2. Looking after overall health facilities and issues of faculties at NAIR.

  • Interests : Reading medical fictions mainly , sports, outdoor travelling, watching movies, cooking.

 Training attended :

Sr. No. Training Place Duration/Period
1 DTS Bhopal 1 week
  • Training Abroad : NIL
  •  Papers Written :  NIL 

DOA 14.6.89
Specialisation Chest medicine and Health mgt.

Service/Batch :- IRSSE/1988
Email Address :-
Mobile No. :- 9974003521
Railway :- 45218

Educational Qualifications:- B.E. (Electronics) from MNIT Jaipur.

Positions held so far :
Sr. No. Name of post HQr/Station/Rly Period of posting Brief responsibility
1 ASTE/C/V/CCG WR HQr, Bombay Feb 92 – June 92 Develop Plans for construction projects on WR
2 ASTE/SWM/ SawaiMadhopur /WR July 92 – April 94 Maintenance of Signalling assets in Kota- Gangapurcity mainline section.
3 DSTE(Signal) Kota/WR May 94 – April 97 Maintenance of Signalling assets on entire Kota Division. Execution of Signalling works.
4 DSTE Ajmer/WR May 97 – Jan 99 Worked as Branch officer. Maintenance of S&T assets on entire Ajmer Division.
5 Sr. EDPM Vadodara/WR Jan 99 – April 01 Development of Payroll system and Divisional computerisation.
6 Dy. CSTE Vadodara/WR May-01 – Oct 01 Execution of construction works like PI,RRI andBPAC
7 Sr. DSTE Vadodara/WR Nov 01 – June 05 Worked as BO. Maintenance of Signalling assets in Vadodara Division. Execution of openline works.
8 Dy.CSTE/W Rajkot/WR July 05 – Aug -09 Execution of construction works like PI and RRI, OFC and telecomm works
9 Sr. DSTE Rajkot/WR Sep 09 – June 12 Worked as BO. Maintenance of Signalling assets on Rajkot Division. Execution of works.
10 CSTE/C WR HQ July 12 – July 14 Execution of S&T works on WR. GC, Newline and Doubling works.
11 ADRM Rajkot/WR Aug 14 – Jan 16 Worked as Divisional Head for all activities of Division.
12 Sr. Prof.(S&T) NAIR Feb 16 – Till date Academics and Logistics.
  • Experience :

He is serving for last 28 years in Indian Railways He has worked in various areas and places which includes Divisions and Headquarter. He has also worked as ADRM/Rajkot where he was over all In charge for all departments of railway including round-the-clock operation, maintenance of all types of assets including Civil. Mechanical, Electrical and Signal & Telecommunication assets, Personnel, Administration, Finance. He has also worked as Construction head for all construction and Project works on Western Railways. Projects involved provision of new lines, Doubling of existing single lines, new stations, alteration to existing stations, RRI and establishing of OFC network etc. The works were spread over nearly 70 stations of Western Railway.

  • Responsibilities in NAIR :

In NAIR, he is taking training sessions on Advance Signalling, CBTC, TPWS, TCAS and conventional Signalling. Maintenance and updating of Website. Model room.

  • Interests : Project Execution, Advance Signalling systems
  • Specialisation :

Signalling and Telecom Projects execution, setting up of modern signalling systems.

Training attended :
Sr. No. Training Place Duration/Period
1 Gp. ‘A’ Foundation Program RSC, Vadodara 1990
2 Gp. ‘A’ Induction Program RSC, Vadodara 1991
3 Safety Management NITIE, Bombay 1997
4 Management Development Program RSC, Vadodara 1998
5 Public policy in Government SPIPA, Ahmedabad 1998
6 Management in Government IIPA, Delhi 1999
7 Advanced Management Program RSC, Vadodara 2005
8 Strategic Management ISB, Hyderabad 2015
9 Residential Training on Right to Information Act and Modern HR Practices Gangtok May 2017
10 Symposium on Advanced Train Control and Safety Systems for IR IIT Kharagpur May 2017
11 Training for Trainers (ToT) Program LBSNAA, Mussoorie Aug 2017
12 Direct Trainer Skills (DTS) Program Delhi Aug 2017
Workshops/Seminars attended :
Sr. No. Workshop / Seminar Place Duration/Period
1 ENCON NAIR Feb 2017
2 Globaltechnology Conference New Delhi May 2017
3 Advance Signalling control Systems IIT, Kharagpur May 2017
4 Metro Railways and Challenges NAIR July 2017
5 Use of IT in HRM NAIR August 2017
  • Training Abroad : None
  • Papers Written : None
  • Contact Details :
Railway BSNL E-mail
Off. Res. Off. Res.  
45218 45318 2651952 2974887

Service/Batch :- IRTS/1996
Email Address :-
Mobile No. :- 
Railway :- Western Railway

Educational Qualifications :- Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics & Communications)
Professional Qualifications :- Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics & Communications)

Place Designation Duration Responsibilities
From To
Rajkot AOM (M) March 1999 June 2001 Operations
Mehsana ARO June 2001 Sept. 2001 Operations & Commercial
Bhavnagar DSO Sept. 2001 Dec. 2002 Safety
Jodhpur DCM Dec. 2002 April 2004 Commercial
Ajmer Sr. DSO May 2004 Sept. 2005 Safety
Ajmer Sr. DCM Sept. 2005 Oct. 2008 Commercial
Bikaner Sr. DCM Oct. 2008 May 2010 Commercial
Jaipur Dy. CCM May 2010 Jan. 2011 Commercial
Ajmer Sr. DOM April 2011 Aug. 2015 Operations
Jodhpur Sr. DCM Sept. 2015 Nov. 2017 Commercial
Jodhpur ADRM (Operations) Nov. 2017 June 2020 Genl. Admn.
NAIR SPTM June 2020 Till now  
Description of the course Duration Year Institution
From To
Civil Service Foundation Sept. 1997 Dec. 1997 1997 NADT, Nagpur
Probationary Trg. Dec. 1997 March 1999 1997-1999 RSC, Vadodara
Confirmation Course Aug. 2000 Sept. 2000 2000 RSC, Vadodara
Management Development Program March 2004 April 2004 2004 RSC, Vadodara
Advanced Management Program Aug. 2015 Aug. 2015 2015 NAIR, Vadodara
Academic : Transportation Management, Transport Planning, Multimodal Transport etc.
Research : Transportation Management.
Sports/Cultural : Table Tennis, Reading etc..

Service/Batch :- IRSME/1992
Email Address :-
Mobile No. :- 2651784
Railway :- 45211

Educational Qualification:

  • AMIE Sec A&B
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Material Management, Annamalai University
  • Master of Arts (Tourism Management),IGNOU,New Delhi
  • Fellow of Institution of Engineers, Kolkata
Positions held so far :
Sr. No. Name of post HQr/Station/Rly Period of posting Brief responsibility
1 ADME/Power/HYB HYB Divn./SC/SCR 13/09/95-30/09/96 ·Looked after the operations of diesel locomotives

·Ensured optimum utilization of running staff

·Timely restoration at accident sites.

·Maintenance of RCDs in division

·Making of optimised crew links.


(Dual Charge)

HYB Divn./SC/SCR 06/02/96-21/03/96 ·Manufacture and supply of Lube oil filters, primary and secondary fuel oil filters for Railways

·Administrative officer for approximately 100 staff

3 ADME/C & W/SC SC Divn./SC/SCR 01/10/96 – 03/02/97 ·Looked after maintenance of coaching and wagon stock

·Planning of repair and overhaul, procurement of essential spares for maintenance.

·Experienced in fast restorations at disaster management sites.

4 ADME/DSL/MLY HYB Divn./SC/SCR 04/02/97 – 23/03/98 ·Repair and maintenance of Diesel locomotives

·Repair and maintenance of Diesel Hydraulic Multiple Units

·Statistical failure analysis, Fuel and Lubricant analysis

5 DME/DSL/MLY HYB Divn./SC/SCR 24/03/98 – 11/01/00 ·Repair and maintenance of Diesel locomotives

·Setting up of facilities for repair and maintenance of Diesel Hydraulic Multiple Units

·Manpower planning and administrative control of approximately 450 staff.

6 Principal/DTTC/KZJ SC Divn./KZJ/SCR 14/01/00 – 11/02/03 ·Repair and maintenance of Diesel locomotives

·Maintenance and operation of 140T Jessops Cowan Sheldon Crane and fast restoration during disaster managements.

·Statistical failure analysis, Fuel and Lubricant analysis

·MR for ISO-9000 QMS. Acquired and implemented quality assurance system in shed.

·Established training facilities for drivers.

·First computerized RCD maintained at DLS/KZJ.

7 Dy. CME/ Material Control DLW/BSB 15/02/03 – 09/09/08 ·Supply chain executive.

·Material procurement and availability

·Customer support to NTPC, SAIL etc.

·Inventory control

·Standardization of products for ease of procurement

·Vendor assessment and review for quality sources.

8 Dy. CPM/Vehicle DLW/BSB 09/09/08 – 25/09/08 ·Design related issues regarding EMD locomotives vehicle
9 Director/ Engine Development RDSO/LKO 01/10/08 – 11/05/10 ·Development of new designs and validation of components and assemblies of diesel locomotives used by IR
10 Director/ Motive Power RDSO/LKO 11/05/10 – 11/10/10 ·Worked as Director Engine and looked after Engine, Engine Systems, Lubes and oils.
11 Director/ Engine Development RDSO/LKO 11/10/10 – 04/09/15 ·Development of new designs and validation of components and assemblies of diesel locomotives used by IR

·Design and development of EFI

·Design and development of ETC

·Development of reliability centre.

12 DY.CME/DSL SCR/SC/SCR 22/09/15 – 09/09/16 ·Monitored and played a crucial link in diesel locomotive maintenance between diesel sheds and HQ’s.

(Dual Charge)

SCR/SC/SCR 01/04/16 – 06/06/16 •Monitored and played a crucial link in diesel locomotive operations between divisions and HQ’s.
14 SPME NAIR/BRC 14/09/2016 Present posting

 Experience : 23 Years.

 Responsibilities in NAIR :

  1. Senior Professor Mechanical Engineering
  2. Management Representative for Quality Systems
  3. Secretary, Mess Managing Committee
  • Interests : Supply Chain; Locomotive performance/Test bed evaluation matrix

Emissions and control strategies

  • Specialisation : Locomotive Design and Research
  • Training attended :
Sr. No. Training Place Duration/Period
1. Advanced Management Programme NAIR 10/10/11-11/11/11
2. Strategic Management ISB, Hyderabad 17/09/16-25/09/16
  • Workshops / Seminars attended :
Sr. No. Workshop / Seminar Place Duration/Period
1. GHG Conference CII, Hyderabad 28/06/17-01/07/17
2. Solar Conference Pragati Maidan,NDLS 10/05/17-12/05/17
  • Training Abroad : Two weeks during AMP module.
  • Papers Written :
  • Indian Railways-The most eco-friendly mode of long distance transport in the country’. Published in Indian Railway Magazine.
  • Published article on EFI in IRSE magazine 2012/01 issue
  • Published article on EFI in IRTB magazine issue Volume LXVIII of February’2012.
  • Published article on ETC in IRTB magazine issue Volume LXIX of August’2012
  • Committee member for revision of white manual for IR.
  • Published paper on Development of CReDI fuel system for a four stroke Alco V-16 Rail Traction Diesel engine in IJIRT, Volume 2 Issue 1 in June’15.
  • Contact Details :
Railway BSNL E-mail
Off. Res. Off. Res.  
45211 45311 2651784 2658466

Service/Batch :- IRSE/1995
Email Address :-,
Mobile No. :- 9974003520
Railway :- NAIR

Educational Qualifications :- B.E. Civil (Hons.) (Gold Medalist), M.E. Civil (Hons.)
Professional Qualifications :- FIE, FIPWE

Place Designation Duration Responsibilities
From To
BSP AEN/MDGR 06/11/98 31/07/01 OL/Field
BSP DEN/HQ 01/08/01 29/01/02 OL./Field
GRC TSO/GRC 30/01/02 03/08/03 OL/HQ
BSP XEN/G NOV-03 25/05/04 OL/HQ
BSP Dy.CE/C/Plg 26/05/04 10/08/07 Const/HQ
BSP Dy.CE/G 10/08/07 06/04/09 OL/HQ
Raipur Sr.DEN/Line 07/04/09 14/07/09 OL/Field
JBP Dy.CE/HQ 17/07/09 07/06/10 OL/HQ
JBP Dy.CE/TMC 07/06/10 07/07/11 OL/HQ
JBP DyCE/C/Wks 11/07/11 12/06/12 Const/HQ
JBP Dy.CE/C-I 12/06/12 09/08/12 Const/Field
JBP Dy.CE/Tr-I/HQ 13/08/12 02/05/13 OL/HQ
JBP Dy.CE/C/HQ 02/05/13 05/05/13 Const/HQ
JBP Secy to PCE 25/06/13 20/03/17 OL/HQ
JBP Dy.CE/G/HQ 20/03/17 14/08/19 OL/HQ
JBP CE/G/HQ 14/08/19 30/06/20 OL/HQ
NAIR Sr. Professor (Civil Engg.) 3/7/20 Till date Civil Engg. Lectures and logistics and course director of training courses
Description of the course Duration Year Institution
From To
Sr. Professional (P.Way) 08.10.12 02.11.12 2012 IRICEN
Sr. Professional (Bridge) July-07   2007 IRICEN
Sr. Professional (Devl.) 29.06.09 10.07.09 2009 IRICEN
MDP April-04   2004 NAIR
AMP 07.10.14 10.11.14 2014 NAIR
Academic : Civil Engineering.

Service/Batch :- IRSME/1991
Date of Birth :- 25.02.1969
Date of Joining Service :- 14.06.1993
Email Address :-
Mobile No. :- 9974094047
Railway :- 45216

Professional Qualifications :-Presently pursuing PhD Programme from IIT, Delhi on Transportation Safety Area.

SN Qualification Institute Year of Passing
1 Post-Graduation Diploma in Management (Specialized in Information Management) Management Development Institute, Gurgaon. Sept’ 2002
2 Graduate in Mechanical Engineering(Special Class Railway Apprentice’ 88 ) Indian Railway Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering (IRIMEE), Jamalpur, Bihar. Mar’1993
3 Graduate in Mechanical Engineering (AMIMechE, London) Council of Engineering Institutions, London, UK Sept’1992
4 Associate Member of Institution of Engineers (Mechanical Engineering) Institution of Engineers, Kolkata, India Sep ’1991

Specialization :

  1. Transportation Safety & Management
  2. Information Management Systems and Data Analytics.
  3. Motive Power and Rolling Stock Maintenance systems.
  4. International Tendering, and Procurement
  5. Project Planning and Implementation by leading technical teams from diverse background
  6. Certified Lead Assessor of Quality Systems ISO 9001.
  7. Vigilance Administration.
  8. Central Government Scheme Monitoring and Implementation.

Performance highlights/ Other Achievements :

  1. General Manager/South Central Railway’s award during Railway Week (April’1998) fo designing special load bearing truss facilitating movement of MG coaches for POH to SRly , thus improving reliability of rolling stock, in island section of Hyderabad Division.
  2. The first on Indian Railways “FUEL PAD”-Diesel Loco Service Center, was planned and commissioned at Gooty Yard, Guntakal Division, South Central Railway (2003).
  3. Successful execution of Rehabilitation Plan for Rolling stock and Workshop, Diesel shed and Wagon Depot for CCFB on Beira Rail Corridor Project at Mozambique (2007).
  4. Director General / Railway Staff College’s Gold medal at Management Development Programme (MDP)(Jan’2004).

International Professional Courses attended :

  1. ExecutivePublic Policy for Internationals, from Goldman School of Public Policy, University of California, Berkeley, USA , Spring Semester (Jan 2016 to May 2016).
  2. One week Training Programme on “Advanced Project, Programme and Portfolio Management” ,The George Washington University , Washington D.C. in October 2014.
  3. One week Programme on “Customer Relationship Management” at INSEAD, Singapore
  1. One Week Programme on “Scenario Planning” at ICLIF,Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in February 2011.

Summary of past contribution & professional experience gained, in reverse chronological order :

SN Posting Details Period Nature of Responsibilities
1 ADRM /PGT, Southern Railway May’2018 to
· Co-ordination and monitoring of open line divisional activities to accomplish the Divisional MoU targets through efficient and reliable maintenance of railway assets, duly maintaining harmonious industrial relations.
· Being responsive to aspiration of staff by rendering full support to concerned B.Os and fulfil the assigned role in review of safety, punctuality, expenditure control, energy conservation, upkeep of passenger amenities, review of progress of works, manpower planning, filling up of safety category vacancies, Court cases, passenger complaints , staff grievances, e-office implementation etc.
· As Addl.MRA, implementation of Rajbhasha related activities in Division. Estate management and other responsibilities assigned by DRM.
2 Director ( MPLADS) Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation,
New Delhi
June’2016 to
Mar’2013 to
· Implementation of Members of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme (MPLADS).
· Policy formulation and Frame the Guidelines for the MPLADS scheme as per the changing needs and aspirations of the stakeholders and due liaison with MP’s, District Authorities and State Governments.
· Close liaison with the Parliament of India through Parliamentary Committees of MPLADS on the implementation and monitoring of Scheme.
3 Director ( ISS) and Director( Vigilance),
Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation,
New Delhi
April’2015 to
· Manage the Cadre of 814 Indian Statistical Service (ISS) Officers – a Group “A” Service.
· Organize timely Departmental Promotional Committees (DPC) duly liaison with Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) and Department of Personnel &Training (DoPT), Govt. of India
· Prompt disposal of the references and complaints, court matters etc, received by the Ministry in service matters of officers.
· As Director (Vigilance) assist CVO to ensure fair and transparent vigilance administration.
4 Director (IPMD) and CVO,
Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation,
New Delhi
Sept’2014 to
· Close monitoring of Infrastructure Projects costing Rs. 150 crore and above under different Ministries of Government of India comprehensively through Online Computerized Monitoring System (OCMS)and publishing Monthly Flash Reports.
· Monitoring and compiling of Performance indices of different core Infrastructure Ministries for publishing comprehensive monthly reports.
· As member of Task Action Force to set the annual performance targets of different Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs).
· As Chief Vigilance Officer (CVO) ensure fair and transparent vigilance administration and anti-corruption measures in all units of the Ministry.
5 DyCME (Diesel), O&F /HQs,
Northeast Frontier Railway(NFR), Guwahati, Assam
Mar’2011 to
· Responsible for inter-shed and inter-divisional co-ordination on Northeast Frontier Railway (NFR) and other adjoining Railways for optimum utilization of Diesel Locomotives and loco crew for achieving the set targets of availability and reliability by ensuring the requisite unit exchange spares, consumables, loco spares and trained manpower.
6 Sr. DME(Diesel),
New Guwahati, Assam, Northeast Frontier Railway
Oct’2008 to Mar’2011 · In-charge of Diesel loco shed, New Guwahati with holding of 85 Broad Gauge Diesel locomotives. Nodal officer for operational and technical control of Loco Anti- Collision Device (ACD) on N F Railway.
7 Dy. Director
(Rolling Stock),CCFB, Beira, Mozambique
Oct’2005 to
· Leading team of Mozambican nationals for maintenance of Rolling Stock (Locomotives , Wagons and Coaches) at General Workshop, Beira, Mozambique and Execution of rehabilitation plan for workshop including M&P.
· Procurement of spares for Rolling Stock and workshop machinery by international tendering for operation of assets spread over Beira-Machipanda section and SENA line (for Moatize Coal reserve).
8 Secretary to General Manager and CPRO, Chittaranjan Locomotive Works(CLW),
Feb’2005 to Oct’2005 · Co-ordination among different departments, monitoring production schedule for achieving set production target of 135 electric locomotives.
· Progressive press coverage of CLW activities as Chief Public Relationship Officer (CPRO).
9 Sr. DME (Diesel),
Diesel Loco Shed,
Gooty, S C Rly
Oct’2002 to
· In-charge of Diesel Loco Shed, Gooty, holding 120 high horse power WDG3A and WDM3A (3100 HP) locos with most modern specs of Microprocessor controlled excitation systems.
· As Area Officer of Gooty, Contributed towards development of the Railway Community Infrastructure and staff welfare apart from establishing it as one of the best Diesel Loco Sheds on IR.
10 D M E (Diesel) Diesel Loco shed, Moula Ali, Hyderabad, SCRly Jan’2001
June’ 2001
· In-charge of Diesel loco shed, Moula-Ali, South Central Railway, holding 24 YDM4, 20 WDS4B and 6 DHMU’s (Diesel hydraulic Multiple Units). Maintaining DHMUs with high reliability and availability.
11 D M E(C & W), Hyderabad Division,
S C Rly
·I  * In-charge of Carriage and Wagon Department on Hyderabad Division, with a fleet of 300 Meter Gauge (MG) & 200 Broad Gauge coaches and over 500 MG wagons.
·N * Nominated Breakdown officer of Division. Concept to commissioning of Nanded BG Coaching Depot on Hyderabad Division.
12 SME (C & W)/HQs,
CME Office, Secunderabad,
S C Rly
Feb’1997 to Sept’1997 · Responsible for optimal planning of Railway Infrastructural facilities and Periodic maintenance units of Railway coaches and wagons, keeping in view traffic requirement with due Inter-Divisional
13 A M E(Diesel) ,
Diesel Loco Shed, Guntakal, S C Rly,
Sept’1994 to


· Officer in-charge for Heavy Schedules of 100 Meter Gauge loco holding and Stores Organization at Diesel loco Shed, Guntakal.
· Involved in planning and executing the Gauge Conversion of Diesel Loco shed to home BG locomotives.

Designation:- Sr. Prof.(Electrical Engg.)
Service/Batch:- IRSEE-1991 Batch
Grade:- SAG
Email Address:-
P&T Number:- 2652995
Railway:- 45215
Educational Qualifications:- B.E.(Electrical & Electonics), BITS, Pilani, M.Tech. from JNU, New delhi


  • He has worked in workshops & Electric Loco sheds and has experience of Periodic overhauling (POH) and Maintenance of Electric Locomotives, EMU, AC & Non-AC Coaching stocks including prestigious Palace on Wheel and Royal Orient Express trains.
  • Operation and Maintenance of Electrical Power Supply system of Railway divisions, implementation of passenger amenities items.
  • He has worked on deputation in Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation of India Limited (DFCCIL) to co-ordinate with D&B contractor and PMC for construction of 2X 25 kV Electrification work in Vadodara unit of Dedicated Freight Corridor. Inventory Management, Man power planning.Contract Management. 

 Specialisation :

         Project Management, Electric Locomotive and Passenger Rolling Stock Overhaul and maintenance,               Quality Control Management.

Service/Batch:- IRAS/1995
Grade:- SAG
Email Address:-
Mobile No.:- 9601285945
Railway:- 45228

Educational Qualifications :- B.Sc (Hons)

Sl. No. Name of the Post Grade From To
1. IRAS (Prob)/ RSC/BRC Prob/ Jr Scale 06-09-1996 07-09-1998
2. ADAO/PC/ASN/ER Jr Scale 08-09-1998 22-09-1999
3. DAO (In charge) /MLDT/ER Sr Scale 23-09-1999 05-04-2002
4. Dy Secy/Spl/HQ/ER —-do— 09-04-2002 26-09-2002
5. Dy FA&CAO/Con-1/ER JAG (Ad-hoc) 27-09-2002 18-07-2003
6. Dy FA&CAO/F&B/ER —-do—- 18-07-2003 14-01-2004
7. Dy FA&CAO/Con-1/ER —-do— 14-01-2004 16-01-2007
8. Dy FA&CAO/Con/Metro Rly JAG & SG 16-01-2007 12-02-2014
9. Dy FA&CAO/F&B/GRC/SER SG & NFSAG 18-02-2014 30-09-2016
10. FA&CAO/SG/ER SAG 03-10-2016 12-04-2017
11. FA&CAO/F&B/ER SAG 12-04-2017 26-07-2021
12. Sr Prof.(F & I)/NAIR/BRC —-do– 04-08-2021 Till date


Sl No. Course Attended Place Period From To
1. Multi-modal Transport RSC/BRC 22-09-1998 26-09-1998
2. M.D.P RSC/BRC 22-4-2002 17-05-2002
3. Costing & Pricing RSC/BRC 09-122002 11-12-2002
4. Management of trainees for trainers MCR HRDIA, Hyderabad 08-09-2003 12-09-2003
5. Alternate Proj Financing RSC/BRC 27-12-2004 31-12-2004
6. Tenders & Arbitration IRICEN, Pune June, 2005  
7. Passenger Business Marketing RSC/BRC 20-03-2006 25-03-2006
8. Course on IFRS ICAI, Kolkata 2011  
9. Strategic Management Programme ISB/ hyderabad 03-09-2018 08-09-2018
  Foreign Training      
1. 2nd Finance & Accounts Technical Training Programme European School of Business at London & Paris 04-03-2013 17-03-2013
2. 44th AMP ICLIF/Malaysia& INSEAD, Singapore 02-03-2015 24-04-2015


  1. 2010: GM’s Award for working as Dy MRA, Metro Railway, Kolkata.
  2. 2015: GM’s Award for working as Dy FA&CAO/F&B/South Eastern Railway.

Service/Batch :- IRSME/1997
Email Address :-
Mobile No. :- 8511157773
Railway :- 45229

Educational Qualifications:- SCRA, Engg. Council (London), MBA

Positions held so far :

Sr. No.

Name of post


Period of posting

Brief responsibility


ADME/ Diesel

Katni/ CR

2.5 yrs

Diesel Loco Maintenance


DME (Operations & Coaching)

Jabalpur/ WCR

2.5 yrs

Crew & Loco Operations Management

Coaching Train Maintenance Management

Disaster Management


DyCME (Materials)

Varanasi/ DLW

4 yrs

Supply Chain Management


DyCPM (Modernization)

Varanasi/ DLW

4 yrs

Project management

M&P Procurement & Installation


DyCME (Diesel)

Hubli/ SWR

2 yrs

Crew & Loco Operations Management

Diesel loco shed Management

Fuel Management

Disaster Management

· Experience : 18 yrs

· Responsibilities in NAIR :

1. Management Training

2. Secretarial & General Administration

· Interests :

Sports – Cricket, Badminton, Volleyball, Golf

Cultural – Dramatics

· Specialisation :

Marketing & Operations

Crew operations, Fuel Management, Diesel Loco Maintenance

· Training attended :

Sr. No.






RSC, Vadodara

4 weeks, 2004



NAIR, Vadodara

ICLIF, Malaysia

INSEAD, Singapore

4 weeks, 2017



CEPT, Ahmedabad

1 week, 2017

· Workshops / Seminars attended :

Sr. No.

Workshop / Seminar




Greenhouse Gases

CII, Hyderabad

2 days, 2017

· Training Abroad :

Advanced Management Programme – ICLIF, Malaysia and INSEAD, Singapore

· Papers Written :

· Contact Details :











Service/Batch :- IRSS/1996
Email Address :-
Mobile No. :- : 9601285943
Railway :- Indian Railways

Educational Qualifications :- B.E (Mechanical Engg)
Professional Qualifications :- PGDSCM, AMPPP (ISB)

Kharagpur AMM/SMM 1999 2002 Material Mgt.
Kolkata SMM 2002 2003 Purchase Mgt
Bhubaneshwar SMM/Dy CMM 2003 2013 Purchase/Logistics, Warehouse
Khurda Sr.DMM 2013 2016 Purchase Mgt
Vadodara PIM/SPMM 2016 Till date Training Manager







AMPPP 2019 2020 2019-20 ISBB
Academic : Supply Chain Mgt, Strategic Management.
Research : Supply Chain, Practices.
Sports/Cultural : Badminton, Volly ball, Singing, Dance, Acting.






Three articites published in the IRILMM Journal.


Regular Training to other organization like NALCO, CONCOR, MSTC etc.

Designation:- Prof.(Commercial Mgt.)
Service/Batch:- IRTS
Grade:- SG
Email Address:-
P&T Number:- 2633427
Railway:- 45227
Educational Qualifications:- B.Sc. (Biology), MBA (Marketing)

  • Positions held so far :(From the most recent to first posting in descending order)
Sl. No Name of post HQr/Station/Rly Period of posting Brief responsibility
1 CPRO NCR 2 Years Public Relations Management for the Zonal Railway
2 Director North Central Zone Cultural Center Allahabad (Prayagraj)/Ministry of Culture, Government of India (Deputation) 4 years Promotion, Preservation, Documentation and Dissemination of the Culture of India, Primarily Folk and Tribal. In the capacity of Director NCZCC, I had 7 states of India in my jurisdiction (U.P., Uttarakhand, M.P, Bihar, Delhi, Rajasthan, Haryana)
3 Director Allahabad National Museum Allahabad (Prayagraj)/Ministry of Culture, Government of India (Deputation/Additional Charge) 3 Months (Coterminus with Director NCZCC) Overall administration of the Allahabad National Museum whichis one of the 4 National Museums of the Country and houses such priceless treasures like thepistol of the great martyr and freedom fighter Chandra Shekhar ‘Azad’.
4 Sr.DOM (G&C) Allahabad Division/North Central Railway/Allahabad 2 years plus Overall administration of Operational Safety and Coaching Operations over Allahabad Division of NCR
5 Professor (Admin and Disaster Management) IRITM/Lucknow 1 year plus Overall Administration of IRITM, Teaching Disaster Management and Commercial Management.
6 Divisional Commercial Manager Lucknow Division/Northern Railway 8 Months Administration of Commercial Management in the Division under the supervision of Sr.DCM
7 Division Operations Manager (Goods) Lucknow Div
ision/Northern Railway
1.5 Years Administration of Goods Traffic Management in the Division under the supervision of Sr.DOM
8 Assistant Operations Manager Lucknow Division/Northern Railway 5 Months Administration of Goods Traffic Management in the Division under the supervision of Sr.DOM
9 Assistant Operations Manager Lucknow Division/Northern Railway 1year 2 months
Administration of Goods Traffic Management in the Division under the supervision of Sr.DOM
  • Experience: General Administration, Public Relations, Cultural Administration, Railway Safety Management, Teaching/Training, Commercial Management, Operations Management, Event Management, Compering/Stage Management.
  • Responsibilities in NAIR: Training of officers in Commercial Management in Indian Railways.
  • Interests: Teaching, Motivational Public Speaking, Gardening (especially Bonsai/Roses/Adeniums/Plant Pathology/Plant Nutrition), Tropical Freshwater Aquarium Management,Aeromodelling, Composing and Reciting Poetry/ Film Song Lyrics (Hindi/Urdu), Writing/Creative Writing (Hindi/English), Sports (Cricket/Table Tennis/Chess/Swimming/Badminton/Shooting/Kiteflying), Music (Singing/Spanish Guitar/Mouth Organ), Astrophysics.
  • Specialisation: Public Relations, General Management, Cultural Management, Gardening, Aquarium, Poetry, Writing, Aeromodelling.
  • Training attended :
Sr. No. Training Place Duration/Period
1 70th Foundation Course LBSNAA/Mussorie 6 Months
2 Railway Training at RSC RSC/BRC 2 Years
3 Induction Programme RSC/BRC  
4 Cultural Administration CCRT/Delhi 1 Week
  • Workshops / Seminars attended :
Sr. No. Workshop / Seminar Place Duration/Period
1 Workshop on Emotional Intelligence


NCR Headquarters/Allahabad (Prayagraj) 3 Days
  • Training  Abroad :
  • Papers Written : Author of 5 Books as follows:

I.‘Sabkuch’: A collection of my original Urdu Ghazals, Nazms and Rubaais

II.‘Bitter Sweets’: A collection of my original English Short Stories

III.‘Winning Despite All Odds’: A Motivational/Self Help book outlining and elaborating my ideas on success.

IV.‘Dar Ke Aagey Jeet Hai’: Translation of ‘Winning Despite All Odds’ in Hindi

V.‘Chabutara’: An original Novel which was awarded with the prestigious ‘Premchand Award’ of Ministry of Railways in the Year 2013.

VI.Apart from the above I have been writing regularly for magazines and newspapers on a variety of subjects ranging from technical to hobby to satire.

Service/Batch :- IRPS-1998 Batch
Email Address :- (Official), (Personal)
Mobile Number :- 9601285935
Railway :- NFR

Educational Qualifications :- M.Sc. Tech.(Applied Geology) from Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad (Jharkhand) now IIT Dhanbad.
Professional Qualifications :-Personnel Management & Industrial Relation, HRD.

Deptt of Atomic Energy , Nagpur Scientific Officer /C 12.02.1998 09.01.2000 Exploration of atomic minerals, R & D
Railway Staff College, Vadodara IRPS Probationer 10.01.2000 22.06.2001


Induction training at RSC, LBSNAA and XLRI
Katihar  Divn (NFR) Asst.Personnel Officer 27.06.2001


01.10.2003 Personnel Management and IR
Alipurduar Divn (NFR) Divisional Personnel Officer (IC) 06.10.2003 16.01.2007 Branch officer, Personnel Management and IR.
NFR HQ, Guwahati Senior Personnel Officer 17.01.2007 12.03.2007 Personnel Management
NFR (Constr) HQ, Guwahati Dy.Chief Personnel Officer /Con 12.03.2007 19.11.2009 Personnel management
NFR HQ, Guwahati Dy. Chief Personnel Officer /Gazetted 20.11.2009 31.05.2013 Personnel management, Training
NFR HQ, Guwahati Chairman /Railway Recruitment Cell 01.06.2013 12.05.2015 Open market recruitment of erstwhile Gr.D staff in GP 1800/-
NAIR, Vadodara Professor Relations Management 21.05.2015 13.08.2019 Training Director of IRPS Proationers
NAIR, Vadodara Senior Professor

( HRM)

14.08.19 till date Training Management, Personnel management









Probationary Training including CSFC and Management Training 10.01.2000 22.06.2001 2000


ToT program on Basic Leadership Skills 13.02.17 15.02.17 2017 LBSNAA,  Mussoorie
Direct Trainers Skills (DTS) 17.07.17 21.07.17 2017 ATI , Mysore
Design of Training (DOT) 06.11.17 10.11.17 2017 YASADA , Pune
Training of Trainers (ToT) 19.02.18 23.02.18 2018 ASCI, Hyderabad
Strategic Management Programme 24.06.19 29.06.19 2019 ISB, Mohali
Advanced Management Programme 15.01.18 26.01.18 2018 Iclif, Kuala Lumpur INSEAD, Singapore
Human Resource Management 14.04.19 27.04.19 2019 South–West Jiaotong University, Chengdu (China)
Academic : Reading, History.
Research : HRD.
Sports/Cultural : Cricket, Volleyball, Tennis, Trekking.


Ratanlal Memorial Trophy for Outstanding IRPS Probationer.







Designation:- Secy. to DG & Prof.(Electrical Engg.)
Service/Batch:- IRSEE
Grade:- SAG
Email Address:-
P&T Number:- 2652995
Railway:- 45215
Educational Qualifications:- B.E.(HONS), C.E.A


13 Years Railways in Various Capacities.

DOA 03.09.2001
Specialisation Energy Auditing, Wind Energy.

Awards :-

General Manager’s award for meritorious work in Western Railway in the year 2011-12

Academic content  created:-

Wind Energy:-     



Coaching Services:-

Electric Locomotives:-

Electrical Engineering:-

Power Sector :-     

Designation :- Prof. (Signal & Telecom)
Service/Batch :- IRSSE /2005
Email Address :-
P&T Number :- 2651899
Railway :- 45208
Educational Qualifications :- Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics & Telecom, RGPV University, Bhopal. 

Positions held so far :



11.12.2006 11/06/2008
2 ASTE/MGS OL MGS ECR 12/06/2008 22/02/2010
3 DSTE/WORKS/DHN OL DHN ECR 22/02/2010 03/05/2010
4 DSTE/DHN OL DHN ECR 03/05/2010 23/04/2012
5 DSTE/ALD OL ALD NCR 24/04/2012 20/06/2013
6 Sr.DSTE/ALJN OL ALJN NCR 21/06/2013 20/05/2017
7 Dy CSTE/CTC TDL NCRPU TUNDLA NCR 20/05/2017 24/08/2020


Experience :

  • Commissioned the Work of TUNDLA EI WITH YARD REMODELING (613 Routes, SECOND LARGEST EI IN INDIA) as DY CSTE/CTC which was sanctioned in 1998.
  • Commissioned the Work of PANKI EI WITH YARD REMODELING (299 Routes) as DY CSTE/CTC, this was sanctioned in 2003.
  • Commissioned 30 stations of CENTRALISED TRAFFIC CONTROL, TUNDLA which is now under operational trial and commissioned from Aligarh to Panki. The project is sanctioned since 2006 however the commissioning was pending due to technical and other issues.
  • Commissioned 33 RKm of Automatic Signaling with Bidirectional working in Up line and Auto Signaling in Third line in Aligarh Ghaziabad section. The work was sanctioned in 2008-09.
  • Commissioned 15 out of 15 sections of Dual Detection in NCR from Maitha to Aligarh within two year in 2019-20. The work was sanctioned in 2012.
  • Instrumental in commissioning of Automatic Signaling in entire ALJN-GZB section (100 KM) along with major yards EI commissioning like Hathras, Aligarh, Khurja and Dadri as Sr Dste Aligarh (Allahabad Division).
  • Development of MIS tool of Depot Inventory Management system for efficientmanagement of depot material which has been implemented in Allahabad Division and currently being procured in other Railways like NR, NWR and SER.
  • Conceptualized, planned and executed the ALIGARH STATION BEAUTIFICATION PROGRAM in SWATCH BHARAT MISSION by means of wall painting and hanging bottle garden which was appreciated by one and all including Honourable Prime Minister of India Sri Narendra Modi ji, who appreciated this effort in his MANN KI BAAT program aired on 31 July 2016. The program was covered widely in both print and Electronic media and won accolades from all sections of society. The Prime Minister even met the students and the teachers who voluntarily took part in the work in his office and encouraged their participation in the National Mission.

Responsibilities in NAIR : Conducting classroom/online training, development of coursematerial and presentations in BFP, BIP and AFP (Medical), safety course and program for other than Railway officers like NTPC, KRCL etc. This includes any non-Teaching sessions related to these courses. All logistics duties for Signalling (Model room) and Telecommunications infrastructure, e-office in NAIR, Hostels and faculty colony. All logistics issue of PNM. Development of Research papers for publication in journals. Conducting Seminars/Workshops/Webinars on S&T issues. All S&T works including planning, making of proposals, estimates, tender/quotations invitations and finalisations.

Interests : Astrology, vastushastra, sports and yoga.

Specialisation : Project Execution, Commissioning of Major Yards

Training attended :

4 High Speed China, Chengdu 2 Weeks 8/07/2019 19/07/2019


Awards and Recognitions :

  • Received MINISTER OF RAILWAYS AWARD in 2016-17.
  • Received GENERAL MANAGER/ECR AWARD in 2008-09.
  • Certificate for visiting lecture on “EXPERIENCE SHARING FOR MORAL BOOSTING FOR PROBATIONERS” of 2007 Batch on 15.07.2009.
  • Certificate for Paper Presentation on “Training of S&T Executives and Supervisors-Sharing of Experiences and strategies and techniques to make training and information dissemination programme effective.” on 14.09.07.

Earlier Employments :

  • Under Training Flying Officer, Air Force Academy, Hyderabad, Indian Air Force (Jan 2003 – Oct 2003).
  • Junior Telecom Officer, MTNL, Mumbai (Nov 2005 – Dec 2006).

Training Abroad : High Speed, in Chengdu, China. (09/07/2019-19/07/2019).

Papers Written :-

Contact Details :

Railway BSNL E-mail
Off. Res. Off. Res.  
45208 45308

Email Address:-
P&T Number:- 2651480
Railway:- 45221

Educational Qualifications:- 



Service/Batch :- Traffic/2010
Email Address :-,
Mobile No. :- 9510777684, 9408388288
Railway :- Western Railway

Educational Qualifications :-Post graduate in Commerce (M.Com.)
Professional Qualifications :-Management of Commercial functions at Divisional level.

Place Designation Duration Responsibilities
From To
Bhavnagar ACM 26.12.2005 01.04.2009 Commercial Functions of the Division.
Vadodara ACM 02.04.2009 26.12.2012 ———–Do—————-
Vadodara DCM 27.12.2012 18.11.2013 ———–Do—————-
Ahmedabad DCM 19.11.2013 12.03.2019 ———–Do—————-
Bhavnagar Sr. DCM 15.03.2019 01.01.2021 ———–Do—————-
Vadodara PCM 12.01.2021 Till date Professor in NAIR
Training courses attended :
Description of the course Duration Year Institution
From To
Group ‘B’ Foundation 02.07.2007 27.07.2007 2007 NAIR, Vadodara
Combined IntegratedCourse. 19.01.2015 13.02.2015 2015 IRITM, Lucknow
Information Technology 30.10.2017 01.11.2017 2017 NAIR, Vadodara
Environment & Housekeeping Management 12.02.2018 16.02.2018 2018 IRITM, Lucknow
Crowd & Media Management 17.09.2018 20.09.2018 2018 IRITM, Lucknow
MDP 24.06.2019 12.07.2019 2019 NAIR, Vadodara

Academic : Collection of Policy circulars of subjects pertaining to Rating and Freight Marketing and other commercial working through e-library.

Research : Financial Markets.

Sports Cultural : Table Tennis.

Service/Batch :- IRSEE/
Email Address :-
Mobile No. :- 9510777683
Lien :- Northern Railway

Educational Qualification :-  B.Tech, PGPPM(IIMB), PGDBA-Finance

Sl.No Name of the Organization Post(s) held From To Job Responsibility
1 M/s Rail Vikas Nigam Ltd
Joint General Manager (JAG & SG) 03.02.2016 14.12.2020 Project Director for Railway Electrification project
2 South Central Railway Deputy Chief Engineer (JAG) 01.01.2016 02.02.2016 Dept. Head for OHE Construction works.
3 South Central Railway Sr.DEE
07.05.2016 06.01.2016 Unit head for Locomotive shop, Kazipet, SCR
4 Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore Post-Graduation in Public Policy & Management 19.05.2014 05.04.2015 Pursued PGPPM from IIM/Bangalore
5 South Central Railway Sr. DEE
14.09.12 16.05.2014 In-charge officer for Train Rolling stock
6 South Central Railway DEE (SS) 16.03.2012 13.09.12 Unit head, ELS/KZJ
7 South Central Railway DEE (SS) 21.07.2010 13.03.2012 Divisional Head for the Department
8 South Central Railway & Northern Railway (New Delhi) ADEE (JS) 19.06.2008 17.07.2010 Locomotive Maintenance
9 Indian Railways IRSEE(P) 11.12.2006 18.06.2008 On probation
10 AIR, DISCOM,ONGC EA,AE,AEE 28.10.2002 15.11.2006 Broadcasting, Electrical Distribution, Drilling
Course Institute Duration
Failure Analysis of Engineering Components Electrical Research and Development Association, Vadodara 08.06.2006 – 09.06.2006
Performance Evaluation of Electrical Equipment for IP Requirement ERDA, Vadodara 07.06.2006
Switchgear Application & Maintenance L&T Switchgear Training Centre, Pune 20.06.2006 – 28.06.2006
Training Program on HT Motors ABB-Training Centre,
20.07.2007 – 26.07.2006
Training Program on “Relays & Protection ABB-Training Centre,
27.08.2006 – 02.08.2006
Appreciation Course in Parliamentary process and Procedures Organised by the Bureau Lok Sabha Secretariat 10.03.2008 – 13.03.2008
Material Testing IRIEEN, Nasik 27.01.2009 – 30.01.2009
Three Phase DC-AC EMU Rakes IIT, Bombay 16.02.2009 – 06.03.2009
Advances in  Concrete Technology CSIR-Structural Engineering Research Centre, Chennai 03.07.2017 – 07.07.2017
IIMB/Maxwell Public Policy Program Syracuse University, New York 06.10.2014 – 30.10.2014
Programme on Project and Contract Management Administrative Staff College of India 08.01.2018 – 12.01.2018
Finance for Non-Finance Executives Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta 10.06.2017 – 14.06.2017
Certifications & Associations :
Certification/Association Institute From
Project Management Professional – PMP Project Management Organization, PMI, USA 2017
Chartered Engineer (India) The Institution of Engineers (India) 2019
Member  (M-164648-0 The Institution of Engineers (India) 2019

Awards & Appreciations :

1.    GM/SCR award in Hindi
2.    CMD/RVNL  Best Project Group Award for WD-RC-GTL Electrification
3.    Special 2lakh cash Award for Successful completion of 110KV/11KM Transmission line work in Karnataka

Academic Interests:

  1.  Transportation – ITS, Model Mix etc
  2.  Energy Economics 

Hobbies : Play Badminton & Cricket

Service/Batch :- IRSS/2001
Email Address :-
Mobile No. :- 9510777682
Railway :- 45223

Educational Qualifications :- 
M Tech (Structural Engineering) IIT Bombay
B E (Civil Engineering) MBM Engineering College, Jodhpur

Places of posting and designation held :
Place Designation From to
Solapur Division
Central Railway
Sr Divisional Materials Manager March 2020 March 2021
North Western Railway Headquarter Office, Jaipur Chief Information Technology officer March 2019 February 2020
General Stores Depot, North Western Railway, Jodhpur Deputy Chief Materials Manager August, 2018 March, 2019
Jodhpur Division, North Western Railway. Senior Divisional Materials Manager June 2015 August, 2018
BGKT Diesel Shed, North Western Railway, Jodhpur Senior Divisional Materials Manager April, 2011 June 2015
North Western Railway Headquarter Office. Jaipur Deputy Chief Materials Manager August, 2009 April, 2011
General Stores Depot, North Western Railway, Jodhpur Senior Materials Manager March 2007 August, 2009
Carriage Workshop, North Western Railway, Ajmer Senior Materials Manager April 2005 March 2007
Carriage Workshop, North Western Railway, Ajmer Assistant Materials Manager April 2005 February 2006
General Stores Depot, North Western Railway, Jodhpur Assistant Materials Manager March 2004 April 2005
Railway Staff College (National Academy of Indian Railways) IRSS Probationary Officer (training) 02/09/2002 March 2004
Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Bombay Senior Research Fellow (Temporary Post) January 2002 July 2002
Training Courses attended :
Course Duration Year Institution
From To
Cyber Security 25-02-2021 25-02-2021 2021 Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology
High Speed Training 27-05-2019 07-06-2019 2019 Southwest Jiaotong University, Chengdu China
AMP 04/2019
15-07-2019 26-07-2019 2019 National Academy of Indian Railways, Vadodara
AMP 04/2019
19-08-2019 23-08-2019 2019 ICLIF Malaysia
AMP 04/2019
(INSEAD Singapore)
26-08-2019 30-08-2019 2019 INSEAD Singapore
MDP 06/2012 17-09-2012 11-10-2012 2012 National Academy of Indian Railways, Vadodara
International Procurement for Stores 18-06-2007 20-06-2007 2007 National Academy of Indian Railways, Vadodara
Senior Professional Developmental Course for IRSS 31-10-2011 11-11-2011 2011 National Academy of Indian Railways, Vadodara

Responsibilities in NAIR :

Cyber Security, IRTPMS, Chief Information Officer, Website development, etc.

Hobbies :

Chess, Swimming, Cycling etc.

Service/Batch :-  IRPS/2005
Email Address :-
Mobile No. :- 9601285934
Railway :- South East Central Railway

Educational Qualifications :-  MBBS, MILR, AMPPP

Places of Posting and Designation Held :
Place Designation Duration Responsibilities
From To
DRM Office, South East Central Railway, Nagpur Assistant Personnel Officer 26.02.2008 20.04.2010 – Cadre management of commercial and operating department and running staff

– Incharge of settlement section

– implementation of 6th Pay Commission recommendations

– implementation of RELHS

Wagon Repair Shop, Raipur Workshop Personnel Officer 22.04.2010 02.12.2011 – Independent charge of personnel department

– implementation of PRIME in workshop

– maintaining cordial industrial relations with the union

– implementation of Factories Act

GM Office, South East Central Railway, Bilaspur Senior Personnel Officer/Gazetted 02.12.2011 11.06.2012 – Cadre management of gazetted officers

– selections for Group C to Group B promotions

GM Office, South East Central Railway, Bilaspur Deputy Chief Personnel Officer/Gazetted 11.06.2012 08.11.2012
GM Office, South East Central Railway, Bilaspur Deputy Chief Personnel Officer/Recruitment 29.08.2012 04.07.2013 – Open market recruitment of Group D staff
– recruitment for Scout/Guide and cultural quota
GM Office, South East Central Railway, Bilaspur Chairman, Railway Recruitment Cell 04.07.2013 12.08.2014
GM Office, South East Central Railway, Bilaspur Deputy Chief Personnel Officer/Gazetted 25.07.2016 05.08.2016 – Cadre management of gazetted officers

– selections for Group C to Group B promotions

GM Office, South East Central Railway, Bilaspur Deputy Chief Personnel Officer/HRD 28.11.2016 05.06.2017 – Court cases on service matters

– Manpower planning

– implementation of IT initiatives

– non-gazetted quarter management

– Zonal PCDO

Railway Board, New Delhi Joint Director (Personnel)/Transformation Cell 07.06.2017 14.12.2017 – Setting up of the National Rail & Transportation Institute
Railway Board, New Delhi Joint Director (Rail University & Training) 14.12.2017 30.08.2018 – Setting up of the National Rail & Transportation Institute

– Training audit of ZRTIs

– streamlining training at zonal and divisional levels

National Rail & Transportation Institute, Vadodara Registrar-cum-Deputy Chief Personnel Officer 31.08.2018 04.04.2019 – Administration of the university

– preparing policies for the university

GM Office, South East Central Railway, Bilaspur Deputy Chief Personnel Officer/HRD 16.04.2019 18.10.2019 – Court cases on service matters

– Manpower planning

– implementation of IT initiatives

– non-gazetted quarter management

– Zonal PCDO

National Academy of Indian Railways, Vadodara Professor (Relations Management) 21.10.2019 present – Course Director of Indian Railway Personnel Service probationers

– non-gazetted cadre management

– Public Information Officer

Training courses attended :
Description of the course Duration Year Institution
From To
82nd Civil Services Foundation Course 01.09.2008 12.12.2008 2008 Dr. MCR HRD Institute, Hyderabad
Human Resource Management 05.12.2011 09.12.2011 2011 CTARA, Secunderabad
Manpower Planning & Recruitment 07.01.2013 11.01.2013 2013 Railway Staff College, Vadodara
Management Development Programme 26.05.2014 20.06.2014 2014 National Academy of Indian Railways, Vadodara
Enterprise Computing 08.08.2016 09.09.2016 2016 CRIS, New Delhi
Modern IT System 13.09.2016 21.10.2016 2016 CRIS, New Delhi
Emerging Trends in IT Industry 31.10.2016 25.11.2016 2016 CRIS, New Delhi
Training of IR personnel in High-Speed Rail Technology 10.04.2017 21.04.2017 2017 Japan International Consultants for Transportation and Japan International Cooperation Center
Public Private Partnership 28.06.2017 30.06.2017 2017 ICWAI Management Accounting Research Foundation
RTI and Gender Issues 01.07.2019 05.07.2019 2019 National Academy of Indian Railways, Vadodara
Leadership Development Programme 06.02.2020 11.02.2020 2020 Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad

Interest :

Academic: Labour Economics, Affirmative Action Policies

Awards and Achievements :

  • General Manager’s Zonal Personnel Efficiency Shield for Nagpur division in 2009
  • Cash Award of Rs. 10,000/- by General Manager for Railway Recruitment Cell in 2014 for innovations in the recruitment process

Service/Batch :-  IRSS/2005
Email Address :-
Mobile No. :- 9327944990
Railway :- NAIR/BRC

Educational Qualifications :-B.E (Mechanical Engg.)
Professional Qualifications :-MBA

Places of Posting and Designation Held :
Place Designation Duration Responsibilities
From To
Diesel Loco Shed, Bondamunda/SER AMM June 2008 September 2009 Inventory Control
Electric Loco Shed, Tatanagar /SER SMM September 2009 September 2013 Inventory Control
Kharagpur Division/SER Sr DMM September 2013 April 2014 Materials Management
RCF/Kapurthala Dy CMM April 2014 June 2019 Material Management
NAIR/Vadodara PIM June 2019 Till Date Training Manager
Training courses attended :
Description of the course Duration Weeks/Days Institution
From To
Probationary Trg.   11/12/2006 06/06/2008 78 Weeks NAIR BRC
MDP 27/02/2012 22/03/2012 04 Weeks NAIR BRC
High Speed
Train Technology at Japan
05/06/2017 16/06/2017 02 weeks JICA/Japan

Interest :
Academic : Material Mgt., Procurement, Contract Law, Centralized Training of IRSS (P),
Sports/Cultural : Tennis, Badminton, Golf and cycling
Awards and Achievements : Railway Week Award-2020 at NAIR.

Designation:- Prof. (Safety Management)
Service/Batch:-  IRTS/
Email Address:-
P&T Number:- 2634447
Railway:- 45230
Educational Qualifications:- 

Experience :


Service/Batch :-  /2005
Email Address :-
Mobile No. :- 9510777685
Railway :- Western Railway

Educational Qualifications :- Bachelor in Electrical Engineering from M. S. University, Vadodara
Professional Qualifications :- Before Joining Railways worked as Testing Engineer in M/s. Voltamp Transformers and M/s. Jyoti Switchgear Limited in Vadodara.

Places of Posting and Designation Held:

Place Designation Duration Responsibilities
From To
Dahod AEE/TRD/DHD 29.08.2002 10.04.2004 Ensure maintenance of Trd Installations from Godhara to Ratlam in Ratlam Division.
Godhra AEE/TRD/GDA 12.04.2004 22.11.2005 Ensure maintenance of Trd Installations from Godhara to Vadodara, Anand & Ahmedabad in Vadodara Division.
Vadodara AEE/TRO/BRC 23.11.2005 05.06.2008 Loco Operations & Crew Management in Vadodara Division.
Vadodara DEE/C/BRC 06.06.2008 31.08.2008 Electrical Construction related works.
Vadodara DEE/TRS/BRC 01.09.2008 05.01.2013 Maintenance of Electric Locos
Valsad DEE/TRS/BL 06.01.2013 06.09.2014 Maintenance of Electric Locos
Ahmedabad Dy.CPM/Elect./DFCCIL(On deputation) 07.09.2014 06.09.2019 Shifting & Modification of EHT lines from DFCCIL ROW by coordinating with DISCOM & Erection of OHE & PSI structures.
Ahmedabad Dy.CEE/RE/ADI 07.09.2019 07.02.2021 In-charge of RE works from Mehsana-Samakhiali-Gandhidham -Bhuj Section & Mehsana-Patan-Bhildi Section.

Training courses attended:

Description of the course Duration Year Institution
From To
OHE Design 18.08.2003 22.08.2003 2003 IREEN
TRD 28.06.2004 07.07.2004 2004 IREEN
Safety 23.04.2007 27.04.2007 2007 NAIR

Awards and Achievements : GM Award in 2008 in Railways & MD Award in 2015 & 2018 in DFCCIL
Publications :
            Articles – Related to Current Political Affairs.
            Books – Related to Ancient History & India’s Freedom Movement.

Service/Batch :- RPF/14th June 2014
Email Address :-
Mobile No. :- 9601285933
Railway:- 45231

Educational Qualifications:- B.Sc. / LLB (from University of Lucknow, Lucknow)

Positions held so far :
Sr. No. Name of post HQr/ Station/ Rly Period of posting Brief responsibility
1 Professor Law Management NAIR 24.04.2015 Teaching Law Subject, In-charge of Security Logistics, working as Law Officer, Jt. Secy.-II/NAIR Officers Mess
2 Law Faculty JR RPF Academy Lucknow Feb. 1996 to Nov. 1999
Sept. 2002 to June 2014
Worked as Law faculty and imparted training to RPF officers/staff.
  • Experience :

i.15 years’ experience of teaching Law and Security at JR RPF Academy Lucknow

ii.Developed as Recognized Trainer (RT in DTS) by DOPT, Govt. of India and conducting DTS Courses as a National Resource person sponsored by DoPT at various ATIs all over the country.

  • Responsibilities in NAIR :

1.Teaching Law Subject, also working as Law Officer of the Academy.

2.In-charge of Security Logistics,

3.Jt. Secy.-II/NAIR Officers Mess

  • Interests :

Reading, Keen interest in Training/teaching

  • Specialisation :

i.National Resource Person as Recognized Trainer of ‘Direct Trainer Skills’ of DOPT Govt. of India.

ii.RPF officers Training.

Training attended :
Sr. No. Training Place Duration / Period
1 Direct Trainers Skill (DTS) Course developed by Thames Valley University, U.K. in association with training division DoPT, Govt. of India MGSIPA, Chandigarh 12.12.11 to 17.12.11
2 Design of Training Course(DOT) developed by Thames Valley University, U.K. in association with training division DoPT, Govt. of India ATI, Mysore 13.02.12 to 17.02.12
3 Recognized Trainer in DTS (RT-DTS) as National Resource Person course developed by Thames Valley University, U.K. in association with training division DoPT, Govt. of India, HCM-RIPA / Jaipur Rajasthan 16.07.12 to 03.08.12
4 Experiential Learning Tools (ELT) Course developed by Thames Valley University, U.K. in association with training division DoPT, Govt. of India, ATI Kolkata 27.08.12 to 31.08.12
5 Soft skills for Professional Effectiveness: Attitude and Skill Enhancement Lab under MDP sponsored by DoPT. IIM Kozhikode 23.09.14 to 26.09.14
6 Training of Trainers on “Gender Responsive Governance- an Orientation Course” LBSNAA, Mussoorie 11.09.17 to 15.09.17
Workshops / Seminars attended :
Sr. No. Workshop / Seminar Place Duration/Period
1 Workshop on “Strategies to Combat Crime against Women” Forensic Science Laboratory, Lucknow 17.05.13 to 18.05.13
2 National Symposium on Excellence in Training (NSET) organized by DOPT at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi 27.05.16 to 28.05.16
3 One day orientation Workshop on SPARROW Railway Board. 01.05.17
  • Training Abroad :Nil
  • Papers Written :Nil
  • Contact Details :
Railway (091) BSNL (0265) E-mail
Off. Res. Off. Mbl  
45231 2652887 9601285933

Service/Batch :-2008
Email Address
Mobile No. :-9601285936
Railway :-Western Railway

Educational Qualifications :- M.A., B Ed., Ph.D.

W R Sr. Hindi Officer 13/01/2009 06/07/2009 Translation,Training and Implementation of Official Language
C R Sr. Hindi Officer  07/07/2009 06/12/20016         -do-
ECR DGM (OL) 09/12/20016 01/09/2017         -do-
NAIR Prof. Rajbhasha 04/09/2017   Translation,Training and Implementation of Official Language





From To
Group A Foundation 01/06/2009 30/06/2009 2009 NAIR, VADODARA
MDP 02/01/2017 27/01/2017 2017 NAIR, VADODARA
DTS 13/11/2017 17/11/2017 2017 ATI,  MYSORE
DOT 05/03/2018 09/03/2018 2018 YASHADA, PUNE
MOT 21/05/2018 25/05/2018 2018 YASHADA, PUNE
Academic : Reading, Writing.
Research : Research work on subject- मन्‍नू भंडारी के स्‍त्री पात्रों पर पाश्‍चात्‍य संस्‍कृति का प्रभाव.
Sports/Cultural : Badminton, Swimming, Cycling, Kho Kho.
AWARDS & ACHIEVEMENT : Divisional Railway Managers Award.
ARTICLES : Several Hindi articles Published in Hindi Magazines. Following Hindi articles published in various magazines –

  • प्रेम ही ईश्‍वर है।
  • भाषा अब प्रौद्योगिकी बन चुकी है।
  • महिला सशक्तिकरण बनाम मर्दों का अशक्तिकरण (व्‍यंग्‍य)
  • आखिर मुबई है किसकी ?
  • सकारात्‍मक जीवन।

Editor of Hindi Magazines- Rail Saagar,Rail Sanwad and Rajbhasha Digdarshika of   Mumbai Division Central Railway.

  • सहायक साहित्‍य :- राजभाषा दिग्‍दर्शिका का संपादन किया ।
  • राजभाष पत्रिका :- रेल सागर पत्रिका के 06 विशेषांकों का संपादन किया।
  • ई-पत्रिका :- अभियान, नालंदा तथा ई-संवाद आदि पत्रिकाओं का डिजिटल रूप में संपादन किया

Service/Batch :- GRP-B (Personnel Dept.)
Email Address :-
Mobile No. :- 96012 85944
Railway :- W. Rly.

Educational Qualifications :-  B.Sc.(Physics), PG Diploma in Labour Laws
Professional Qualifications :-  PG Diploma in Labour Laws, Undergoing MBA in HR from M S University, Vadodara

NAIR, Vadodara Asst. Professor (Pers. Mgt.) Oct-2018 Present Sessions on Establishment subjects, CD for BFPs, BIP and HRM courses on DAR, Establishment work including Paybills of Gazetted and Non-gazetted staff.
BRC Division APO (Traffic & Commercial, Engineering, Bills, Settlement, DAR, RTI & PASS) May-2013 Oct-2018 Establishment matters of Traffic, Commercial, Engineering staff matters related to D&A Rules, RTI, PASS and Court Cases.
HQ, CCG APO (T&C, Medical) Apr-2012 May-2013 Establishment matters of Traffic, Commercial & Medical staff







Direct Training Skill (DTS)     2019 RSVPNAA, Bhopal
DOT and MOT are due to be done
Academic : Human Resource Management, Information Technology & Service Litigation.
Research : Human Resource Development (HRD), Organizational Development (OD).
Sports/Cultural :


Received a Railway Week GM’s award, CPO’s award and several other awards during the service.






Writing a book on service litigation in Railways.

Other Officers

Designation:- Library & Information Officer
Email Address:-
P&T Number:- 2651881
Railway:- 45235

Designation:- Executive Engineer
Email Address:-
Railway:- 45240