There are 26 Faculty members including the Director General in the grade of General Manager. Faculty members are drawn from various field units having distinguished service and special qualifications. Besides, eminent academicians and specialists are invited as visiting faculty. The faculty members participate in Seminars, Workshops etc., organized by the various Institutions in the country. The faculty also serves on the task forces nominated by the Ministry.

List of Administration and Faculty

Service/Batch :- IRSSE/1982
Email Address:-
P&T Number:- 2638666
Railway:- 45200
Educational Qualification :- B.E. (Electronics & Communication Engineering), University of Roorkee.


North Eastern Railway, Gorakhpur Dy.CSTE/TELE May-95 Jan-96
North Eastern Railway, Gorakhpur Dy.CSTE/CON/W Jan-96 Nov-96
North Eastern Railway, Izzatnagar Sr.DSTE Nov-96 Jun-97
North Eastern Railway, Varanasi Sr.DSTE Jun-97 Feb-99
North Eastern Railway, Gorakhpur Dy.CSTE/MW Feb-99 Apr-99
North Eastern Railway, Gorakhpur Dy.CSTE/CON Apr-99 Feb-01
North Eastern Railway, Gorakhpur DGM/G Feb-01 Sep-01
North Eastern Railway, Gorakhpur Dy.CSTE/CON/W Sept-01 Nov-04
North Eastern Railway, Lucknow Sr.DSTE/LJN Nov-04 Jan-05
North Eastern Railway, Gorakhpur Dy.CSTE/CON/W Jan-05 Feb-05
North Eastern Railway, Gorakhpur CSE Mar-05 Sep-05
North Eastern Railway, Gorakhpur CSTE/CON Sep-05 Jun-09
North Western Railway, Jaipur CSTE/CON Jun-09 Aug-12
IRISET/SC DEAN Sep-12 01/06/2016
CR/Mumbai CSTE/Proj. 06/06/2016 01/12/2017
Metro Rly., Kolkata PCSTE 03/12/2018 13/01/2020
NAIR, Vadodara DG 14/01/2020  

Training courses attended :







AMP 05.01.1998 29.01.1998 1998 RSC/Vadodara
Information Technology 22.01.2001 02.02.2001 2001 IRISET/SC
Tender, Contract, Selection 10.09.2001 13.09.2001 2001 IRISET/SC
Project Management 29.04.2002 03.05.2002 2002 IRISET/SC
Training Managers Workshop 11.04.2005 13.04.2005 2005 RSC/Vadodara
Overview of Technology, Operation & Maintenance of Assets on Railway System 06.10.2008 18.10.2008 2008 Germany & Italy Railways (Berlin & Rome)
Advanced Strategic Management  21.05.2018  25.05.2018 2018 Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, USA

Contact Details :


BSNL Email address
Off. Res. Off.




45300 2638666 2638147

Service/Batch:- IRSME – 1985 BATCH
Grade:- NF-HAG
Email Address:-
P&T Number:- 2653477
Railway:- 45210
Grade:- SAG
Educational Qualifications:- B.E (Mechanical), MBA(Finance)

Period of posting Name of Post Place of posting Brief responsibilities
March 89 to July89 AWM Junagadh Officer in charge ofWagon Repair workshop
July 89 to April 90 DAME Gandhidham Area, Western Railway Shed in charge and Management of Diesel locomotive maintenance and running staff
April 90 to March 91 DME(L) Vadodara Division, Western Railway Branch officer, Management ofSteam and Diesel locomotive maintenance &diesel shed Pratapnagar
March’91 to June’91 SME (O) Ahmedabad, Western Railway In charge of Mechanical Department in Ahmedabad Area
June 91 to July 94 DME(D) Vatva Diesel Shed, Western Railway Management and maintenance of diesellocomotive
July 94 to Dec. 95 PE Kota Workshop, Western Railway Maintenance of Wagons
Dec. 95 to April 98 JD/VCF RDSO, Lucknow Research in under gear of railway vehicles
April 98 to Oct 02 DIR/MP RDSO, Lucknow Research in brake systems of railway vehicles
October’02 to March’03 Sr. DME(DL) ABR,NWR Worked as BO, Maintenance of 
Diesel Locomotives
March 03 to March 07 Dy. CME(D&R) HQ/Jaipur/NWR Management of Diesel locomotives and running staff at HQ
March 07 to Dec 08 SPME RSC/BRC Training and Logistic Management
Dec 08 to May 2011 SPMGT RSC/BRC Training and Logistic Management
June’11 to April 2013 CWM Jodhpur workshop NWR Maintenance of coaches
April’13 to July’2016 SPME NAIR, Vadodara Training and Logistic Management
10th April’18 onwards DDG NAIR, Vadodara Assisting DG/NAIR in Administrative and General Management of NAIR.


In 31 years of service on Indian Railways, he has worked almost all the areas of Mechanical department including Diesel sheds, open line, workshops ( bothcarriage and wagon), head quarter,research and development, training of officers etc. He has special interest in development of technology, training and human resource development.


DOA 20/03/1987

Training courses attended (Other than Mandatory courses like Foundation/ Induction etc.)

* Basic Course in Industrial Safety, Mumbai
* Safety course in RSC/BRC
* Direct Trainer skills/ HCM RIPA Jaipur

Specialization: Diesel Locomotives, Coaches and Wagon Maintenance and Quality Control Management

Training abroad: None

Papers written :

Review of Failure Mode & Effect Analysis and Six Sigma Application in Manufacturing and Maintenance of Distributor Valve Used in Railways’ Publication by theParul University International Conference on Engineering & Technology, (PiCET-2018)

Service/Batch:- IRTS
Grade:- SAG
Email Address:-
P&T Number:- 2651975
Railway:- 45217
Educational Qualifications:- 



Specialization : 

Service/Batch:- IRAS-1988 Batch
Grade:- HAG
Email Address:-
P&T Number:- 2653956
Railway:- 45219
Grade:- SAG
Educational Qualifications:- MBA, PhD


  • Vast professional experience of 30 years on IR, and worked in almost all areas of Finance and Accounts, including Construction Accounts, Divisional Accounts, Stores and Workshop Accounts. Major teaching and training experience in apex level Civil Service training Academy- LBSNAA/Mussoorie, IRITM/LKO.
  • Special Experience: Taught Public Policy in University of Yorkshire, UK; Taught Financial Management & Railway Restructuring in University of Texas, USA.

Teaching Responsibilities in NAIR: PPP, Infrastructure Financing, Project Management, Strategic Finance, Business Policy, Leadership, and Innovation Management.

DOA 06/03/1989

  • Areas of Specialization & Interests: PPP in Infrastructure, especially Transport Infrastructure; Key Policy issues concerning Civil Services Reform and Privatization; Public Policy Planning and Economy analysis of Infrastructure Investment; PPP contractual issues related to PPP guidelines, Regulatory norms for Infrastructure sector and revenue sharing arrangement; Leadership issues in public administration, effective communication, innovations in governance, ethics and values.

Grade:- SAG
Email Address:-
P&T Number:- 2653951
Railway:- 45212

Educational Qualifications:- 



Service/Batch:- IRSSE – 1988 Batch
Grade:- SAG
Email Address:-
P&T Number:- 2651952
Railway:- 45218
Grade:- SAG
Educational Qualifications:- B.E. (Electronics) from MNIT Jaipur.


He is serving for last 28 years in Indian Railways He has worked in various areas and places which includes Divisions and Headquarter. He has also worked as ADRM/Rajkot where he was over all In charge for all departments of railway including round-the-clock operation, maintenance of all types of assets including Civil. Mechanical, Electrical and Signal & Telecommunication assets, Personnel, Administration, Finance. He has also worked as Construction head for all construction and Project works on Western Railways. Projects involved provision of new lines, Doubling of existing single lines, new stations, alteration to existing stations, RRI and establishing of OFC network etc. The works were spread over nearly 70 stations of Western Railway.
In NAIR, he is taking training sessions on Advance Signalling, CBTC, TPWS, TCAS and conventional Signalling.
DOA 22/01/1990
Specialisation Signalling and Telecom Projects execution, setting up of modern signalling systems.

Service/Batch:- IRSME – 1992 Batch
Grade:- SAG
Email Address:-
P&T Number:- 2651784
Railway:- 45211
Educational Qualifications:- B.E. (Mech.) from IRIMEE, Jamalpur, Post Graduate Diploma in Material Management (PGDMM) from Annamalai University,Chennai, Master’s in Tourism Management (MTM) from IGNOU,New Delhi,Fellow of Institution of Engineers, Kolkata.


In 23 Years’ of service in Railways ,he has experience of working in Operations, Maintenance, Manufacturing, Procurement and Design departments in Divisions, Diesel Sheds, Production Unit, Research Designs and Standards Organisation. He has done a Post Graduate Diploma in Materials Management, Masters in Tourism Management and is an elected Fellow of Institution of Engineer’s Kolkata.
In NAIR he has been taking sessions on Mechanical Engineering and Quality Management subjects in various courses. He is also presently the Management Representative for ISO systems, Cultural Secretary and Squash Captain at NAIR.
DOA 3/03/1994
Specialisation Design and Maintenance of Rolling Stock.

Designation :- Sr. Prof. (Material Management-Co.)
Service/Batch :- IRSS       Batch
Grade :- SAG
Email Address :-
P&T Number :- 2651954
Railway :- 45214
Educational Qualifications :- 

Experience :-

DOA :- 

Specialization :- 

Publication :-


Designation:- Sr.Prof. (Civil Engg.)
Service/Batch:- IRSE
Grade:- SAG
Email Address:-
P&T Number:- 2654989
Railway:- 45220
Educational Qualifications:- B.E. (Civil Engg.), M. Tech. (IITD)

SN Name of post HQr/Station/Rly. Period of posting Brief responsibility
1 AEN/BVP DRM/BVP/WR 23/4/1990 08/07/1990 Track Maintenance
2 AEN/RDHP DRM/AII/WR 07/09/1990 08/05/1991 Track Maintenance
3 DEN/AJMER DRM/AII/NWR 09/05/1991 09/10/1992 Track Maintenance
4 DEN/RATLAM DRM/RTM/WR 12/10/1992 02/04/1994 Track Maintenance
5 XEN/RATLAM DRM/RTM/WR 02/04/1994 03/05/1995 Track Maintenance
6 Dy.CE/RATLAM DRM/RTM/WR 03/051995 10/04/1997 Construction


GM/CCG/WR 10/04/1997 01/08/1998 Construction
8 Dy.CE (Field) CCG GM/CCG/WR 01/081998 28/04/2006 Construction
9 Sr.DEN/HQ/RATLAM DRM/RTM/WR 01/05/2006 29/01/2007 Construction
10 CE/(CON)/TVC DRM/TVC/SR 31/01/2007 31/05/2007 Track maintenance
11 CE/MTP/MAS GM/MTP/MAS 31/05/2007 20/11/2007 Construction
12 CE/TM/MAS GM/TM/MAS 20/11/2007 09/09/2009 Track maintenance
13 CE/CN/C/MS GM/MS 09/09/2009 10/08/2010 Construction


DIRECTOR/IRICEN 10/08/2010 11/08/2016 Construction
15 DEAN/IRICEN DIRECTOR/IRICEN 11/08/2016 03/05/2018 Training
16 SENIOR PROFESSOR(CIVIL ENGG.) NAIR/VADODARA 4/5/2018 Till date Imparting training to the various officers.


Experience –29 years

Responsibilities in NAIR –

  1. Sr. Professor Civil Engineering
  2. President Sports Association of Sports authority of NAIR.

Interests – Table tennis

Specialization –Project Management, Construction Management

Training attended

SN Training Place Duration/Period
1 MDP NAIR 4 weeks
2 AMP NAIR, Malaysia, Singapore 4 weeks

Workshops/Seminar attended

SN Workshops/Seminar Place Duration/Period
1 JV Workshop IRICEN/Pune 2 days

Training abroad – NIL

Papers written – 

1.0 Technical papers :-

       1. Infrastructure Project Formulation : A comprehensive Approach – Author – Bishwajeet D., PGP,                     PEM,Surendra B.M.Tech, IRSE and Mridul G. PGP ACM3

         – (presented this Paper in ASCE India Conference, New Delhi.)

       2. Sustaining Sustainability in Construction –( Accepted for Poster presentation in SUSBUS                               Conference in IIM Calcutta which is due on 15.11.2017). 

            Author1 : Prof. Murali Jagannathan, Deptt : School of Construction Management, Institution :                                          National Institute of Construction Managementand Research, Pune. 

            Author2 : Mr.Surendra Bansal, Dean IRICEN/Pune. 

            Author3 : Mr.Bishwajeet Das, Deptt ; Strategy (Business Development), Organization : Vishvaraj                                    Infrastructure Ltd, Nagpur. 

            Author 4 : Mr. Mridul Garg, Deptt. Sr.Engineer(Cost Management), Orgnization – L&T Realty 

            Author 5 : Mr.Tavva Naga Venkata Janaki Naga Babu, Deptt. Project Co-ordination, Precast India                                   Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd. 

       3.  Project Management : Methods and Strategies in the Project Life Cycle – ( Submitted for ICCRIP                  Conference ). 

            Author1 : Prof. Murali Jagannathan, Deptt : School of Construction Management, Institution :                                          National Institute of Construction Managementand Research, Pune. 

            Author2 : Mr.Surendra Bansal, Dean IRICEN/Pune. 

            Author3 : Mr.Bishwajeet Das, Deptt ; Strategy (Business Development), Organization : Vishvaraj                                    Infrastructure Ltd, Nagpur 

            Author 4 : Mr. Mridul Garg, Deptt. Sr.Engineer(Cost Management), Orgnization – L&T Realty,                                         Mumbai. 

       4. LHB (Linke Hoffman Bush) Coahces – Author ; Sh.S. K. Bansal, SPP & Sh. Mathew Varghese,                       SI/M1, IRICEN (published in IRICEN Journal in June 2016). 

       5. IRICEN Library ( A Resource Centre ) – Author : Sh. S.K.Bansal, DN & Sh.Shailendra Prakash,                     LIA/IRICEN ( Published in September, 2016 ). 

       6. Modification to BCM in Case of Engine Failures – Author : Sh. S.K.Bansal, DN & Prasad Rao,                       Dy.CE/CPOH/RYP( Published in September, 2016 ). 

       7. Strategy and it’s implementation for Growth and Sustainability of infrastructure and Operations : A                 Case study Review of Indian Railways- Authors : Sh. S.K.Bansal, DN, Sh.Pavan Totia, Asstt. Prof.                 NICMAR & 3 others. ( Published in September, 2016). 

2.0 Books 

  1. Hindi Book onभूमि प्रबंधन एवं अभिरक्षा लेखक – सुरेंद्र कुमार बंसल सं.अ. एवं नीरज कुमार मिश्रा सह प्राध्‍यापक / रेलपथ / इरिसेन ( जून 2017 में प्रकाशित हुई है ). 
  2. Hand Book on Land Management ( Published in November, 2016). 
  3. Book on Signalling for P.Way Engineers. (compiled and under finalization, yet to be released.)

DOA 15/03/1988

Designation:- Sr. Prof. (Management)
Service/Batch:- IRTS – 1988 Batch
Grade:- SAG
Email Address:-
P&T Number:- 2651957
Railway:- 45213
Educational Qualifications:- B.E. (Civil) from S.P. University, Gujarat, PGDMM from IGNOU.


In 26 Years’ service in Railways, He has experience of working in Commercial, Operations and Safety departments in various divisions. He has also worked in IRCTC as Chief Regional Manager, Ahmadabad and dealt with various aspects of catering and tourism. He has also experience of working as Additional DRM of Vadodara Division. In NAIR he is been taking sessions on Transportation subject in various courses and also look after the duties Time tabling and course coordination.
DOA 20-08-1990
Specialisation Railway Transportation Management.

Designation :- Sr. Prof. (Organisational Behaviour)
Service/Batch :- IRPS
Grade :- SAG
Email Address :-
P&T Number :- 2652991
Railway :- 45216
Educational Qualifications :- 

Experience :-

DOA :-

Specialization :-

Designation:- Sr. Prof.(Electrical Engg.)
Service/Batch:- IRSEE-1991 Batch
Grade:- SAG
Email Address:-
P&T Number:- 2652995
Railway:- 45215
Educational Qualifications:- B.E.(Electrical & Electonics), BITS, Pilani, M.Tech. from JNU, New delhi


  • He has worked in workshops & Electric Loco sheds and has experience of Periodic overhauling (POH) and Maintenance of Electric Locomotives, EMU, AC & Non-AC Coaching stocks including prestigious Palace on Wheel and Royal Orient Express trains.
  • Operation and Maintenance of Electrical Power Supply system of Railway divisions, implementation of passenger amenities items.
  • He has worked on deputation in Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation of India Limited (DFCCIL) to co-ordinate with D&B contractor and PMC for construction of 2X 25 kV Electrification work in Vadodara unit of Dedicated Freight Corridor. Inventory Management, Man power planning.Contract Management. 

 Specialisation :

         Project Management, Electric Locomotive and Passenger Rolling Stock Overhaul and maintenance,               Quality Control Management.

Designation:- Prof.(Inventory Management)
Service/Batch:- IRSS-1996 Batch
Grade:- SAG
Email Address:-
P&T Number:- 2653985
Railway:- 45224
Educational Qualifications:- B. E. (Mechanical) VSSUT, Burla (Odisha).


Supply chain Management, purchase management, depot management & Logistic Management. He has also held responsibilities including stores budget, inventory control, depot modernization. In addition to this, he has handled posts of sports officer in in filed units.Professor (Inventory Management). Additional responsibilities of sports as Jt. Secy./NAIRSA.

DOA 27/01/1998
Specialisation Supply Chain Management, Inventory control, Procurement specialist.

Designation:- Prof.(Health Management)
Service/Batch:- IRHS – 1988 Batch
Grade:- SAG
Email Address:-
P&T Number:- 2651480
Railway:- 45221
Educational Qualifications:- MBBS, DTCD(CHEST&TB)

Positions held so far :

Sr. No. Name of post HQr/Station/Rly Period of posting Brief responsibility
1 ADMO, DMO NRCH, DCW/PTA 14.6.89- 19.10.96 Ward I/C, Clinical work ,Hosp.stores
2 DMO, SR.DMO(NFSG) DIV.HOSP/ RJT/WR 25.10.96-13.8.2005 Clinical work, Ward I/C,PME, H&FW I/C
3 SR.DMO(NFSG) DIV.HOSP/ ASN/ER 19.8.2005-16.5.2006 TB ward I/C, Clinical work
4 PROF(HM) NAIR(RSC)/BRC 18.5.2005-21.12.2009 IRMS Prob-CD, various med Course Director, Logistic I/C Health & Sanitation, Awarded contracts of Hostel Housekeeping
5 PROF(HM), SAG(DACP) NAIR/BRC 22.12.2009- 05.3.2015
6 ADDL.CMD(IH) HQ/CCG/WR 10.3.2015-11.5.2018 Procurement, Court cases, Grievances, Disaster Mgt. Nodal Officer, Posting&transfers of staff, M&P and Works Prog
7 ADDL.CMS(ADM) DIV.HOSP/PRTN,BRC/WR 18.5.2018-28.2.2020 Overall Admin I/C of Hosp, Leave & Duty arrangement of doctors of divn, Staff grievances, Medical Board coordinator, Stores I/C, M&P, Works Prog, Bills passing
8 PROF(HM),SAG(DACP) NAIR/BRC 29.2.2020 CD-IRHS probationers& conducting other HM courses, Delivering lectures in various classes
  • Experience : 31 YEARS, Worked in various capacities as clinician, in administration in Open line, PU, HQ of various Railways and as faculty in NAIR previously and at present.
  • Responsibilities in NAIR :
  1. CD of IRHS probationers at NAIR/CTI and other HM courses.

     2. Looking after overall health facilities and issues of faculties at NAIR.

  • Interests : Reading medical fictions mainly , sports, outdoor travelling, watching movies, cooking.

 Training attended :

Sr. No. Training Place Duration/Period
1 DTS Bhopal 1 week
  • Training Abroad : NIL
  •  Papers Written :  NIL 

DOA 14.6.89
Specialisation Chest medicine and Health mgt.

Designation:- Sr.Prof.(Finance & Investment)
Service/Batch:- IRAS 1995 – Batch
Grade:- SAG
Email Address:-
P&T Number:- 2651988
Railway:- 45228
Educational Qualifications:- B.E. From MNIT ( University of Rajasthan).


He has experience of working in Accounts Department in various capacities at Head Quarter and Divisions in North Eastern Railway, East Central Railway and Eastern Railway. Also has experience of Working in Ministry of Textiles as Executive Director cum CEO of Central Wool Development Board, Jodhpur.
In NAIR he is taking sessions on Railway Finance and Accounts.

DOA 07/04/1995

Designation :- DDG & Prof. Information Technology
Service/Batch :- IRTS-2000 Batch
Grade :- SAG
Email Address :-
P&T Number :- 2652987
Railway :- 45222
Educational Qualifications :- BE (Instrumentation & Control) , Gujarat University MBA (Executive Programme) , Saurashtra University.


Has Experience of 16 years of handling various functions in Railways like : Operations, Planning, Customer Relationship, Safety, Human Resource Management, Marketing, etc. Has held various posts in Railways : Assistance Operations Manager (G), Asansol, ER ; Divisional Safety Officer, Malda,ER ; Senior Transportation Manager (Goods & Track), CCG, WR; Divisional Operations Manager (Coaching), Ahmedabad, WR ; Area Railway Manager, Gandhidham, WR ; Senior Divisional Operations Manager , Rajkot, WR; Senior Divisional Operations Manager , Vadodara, WR ; Professor (Information Technology ), NAIR
In NAIR involved in Management of Mess other than academic work related to IT, High Speed Rail Systems, Metro Rail Systems, Dedicated Freight Corridor Systems, Communication Skills, etc.

DOA 02/09/2001
Specialisation Operations, Planning, Safety, Information Technology.

Designation:- Prof. (Management Studies) & Secy. to DG
Service/Batch:- IRSME-1997 Batch
Grade:- SAG
Email Address:-
P&T Number:- 2631960
Railway:- 45229
Educational Qualifications:- MBA – IIM Bangalore,
Part 1 & 2 EC(London) Exam., UK, SCRA, IRIMEE, Jamalpur


In 18 years of his service, he has worked in the areas of Operations, Maintenance & Production of Rolling Stock on Indian Railways. He has experience in Crew Management, Modernization of Workshops, Supply Chain Management, Disaster Management, and Fuel Management. He has worked on CR, WCR, DLW& SWR.
In NAIR, he is taking sessions on Ethics & Management in various courses.

DOA 25/05/1999
Specialisation Operations Management, Marketing Management Diesel Loco maintenance

Designation:- Prof.(Network Management)
Email Address:-
P&T Number:- 2651953
Railway:- 45223
Educational Qualifications:- 




Designation:- Prof.(Electrical Engg.)
Service/Batch:- IRSEE
Grade:- SAG
Email Address:-
P&T Number:- 2652995
Railway:- 45215
Educational Qualifications:- B.E.(HONS), C.E.A


13 Years Railways in Various Capacities.

DOA 03.09.2001
Specialisation Energy Auditing, Wind Energy.

Awards :-

General Manager’s award for meritorious work in Western Railway in the year 2011-12

Academic content  created:-

Wind Energy:-     



Coaching Services:-

Electric Locomotives:-

Electrical Engineering:-

Power Sector :-     

Designation:- Prof.(Commercial Mgt.)
Service/Batch:- IRTS
Grade:- SG
Email Address:-
P&T Number:- 2633427
Railway:- 45227
Educational Qualifications:- B.Sc. (Biology), MBA (Marketing)

  • Positions held so far :(From the most recent to first posting in descending order)
Sl. No Name of post HQr/Station/Rly Period of posting Brief responsibility
1 CPRO NCR 2 Years Public Relations Management for the Zonal Railway
2 Director North Central Zone Cultural Center Allahabad (Prayagraj)/Ministry of Culture, Government of India (Deputation) 4 years Promotion, Preservation, Documentation and Dissemination of the Culture of India, Primarily Folk and Tribal. In the capacity of Director NCZCC, I had 7 states of India in my jurisdiction (U.P., Uttarakhand, M.P, Bihar, Delhi, Rajasthan, Haryana)
3 Director Allahabad National Museum Allahabad (Prayagraj)/Ministry of Culture, Government of India (Deputation/Additional Charge) 3 Months (Coterminus with Director NCZCC) Overall administration of the Allahabad National Museum whichis one of the 4 National Museums of the Country and houses such priceless treasures like thepistol of the great martyr and freedom fighter Chandra Shekhar ‘Azad’.
4 Sr.DOM (G&C) Allahabad Division/North Central Railway/Allahabad 2 years plus Overall administration of Operational Safety and Coaching Operations over Allahabad Division of NCR
5 Professor (Admin and Disaster Management) IRITM/Lucknow 1 year plus Overall Administration of IRITM, Teaching Disaster Management and Commercial Management.
6 Divisional Commercial Manager Lucknow Division/Northern Railway 8 Months Administration of Commercial Management in the Division under the supervision of Sr.DCM
7 Division Operations Manager (Goods) Lucknow Div
ision/Northern Railway
1.5 Years Administration of Goods Traffic Management in the Division under the supervision of Sr.DOM
8 Assistant Operations Manager Lucknow Division/Northern Railway 5 Months Administration of Goods Traffic Management in the Division under the supervision of Sr.DOM
9 Assistant Operations Manager Lucknow Division/Northern Railway 1year 2 months
Administration of Goods Traffic Management in the Division under the supervision of Sr.DOM
  • Experience: General Administration, Public Relations, Cultural Administration, Railway Safety Management, Teaching/Training, Commercial Management, Operations Management, Event Management, Compering/Stage Management.
  • Responsibilities in NAIR: Training of officers in Commercial Management in Indian Railways.
  • Interests: Teaching, Motivational Public Speaking, Gardening (especially Bonsai/Roses/Adeniums/Plant Pathology/Plant Nutrition), Tropical Freshwater Aquarium Management,Aeromodelling, Composing and Reciting Poetry/ Film Song Lyrics (Hindi/Urdu), Writing/Creative Writing (Hindi/English), Sports (Cricket/Table Tennis/Chess/Swimming/Badminton/Shooting/Kiteflying), Music (Singing/Spanish Guitar/Mouth Organ), Astrophysics.
  • Specialisation: Public Relations, General Management, Cultural Management, Gardening, Aquarium, Poetry, Writing, Aeromodelling.
  • Training attended :
Sr. No. Training Place Duration/Period
1 70th Foundation Course LBSNAA/Mussorie 6 Months
2 Railway Training at RSC RSC/BRC 2 Years
3 Induction Programme RSC/BRC  
4 Cultural Administration CCRT/Delhi 1 Week
  • Workshops / Seminars attended :
Sr. No. Workshop / Seminar Place Duration/Period
1 Workshop on Emotional Intelligence


NCR Headquarters/Allahabad (Prayagraj) 3 Days
  • Training  Abroad :
  • Papers Written : Author of 5 Books as follows:

I.‘Sabkuch’: A collection of my original Urdu Ghazals, Nazms and Rubaais

II.‘Bitter Sweets’: A collection of my original English Short Stories

III.‘Winning Despite All Odds’: A Motivational/Self Help book outlining and elaborating my ideas on success.

IV.‘Dar Ke Aagey Jeet Hai’: Translation of ‘Winning Despite All Odds’ in Hindi

V.‘Chabutara’: An original Novel which was awarded with the prestigious ‘Premchand Award’ of Ministry of Railways in the Year 2013.

VI.Apart from the above I have been writing regularly for magazines and newspapers on a variety of subjects ranging from technical to hobby to satire.

Designation:- Prof.(Relation Management)
Service/Batch:- IRPS-1998 Batch
Grade:- SAG
Email Address:-
P&T Number:- 2651980
Railway:- 45226
Educational Qualifications:- M.Sc.Tech in Applied Geology from Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad.


He has 18 Years’ service experience in Railways. He has worked in Katihar & Alipurduar Divisions, Constructions organization and Zonal Head Quarter of N.F. Railway in diverse fields of personnel department working such as recruitment, Promotions both in non-gazetted and gazetted cadre, industrial relations, welfare administration etc. As Chairman / RRC/NFR, he has conducted two open market recruitments to erstwhile group ‘D’ post in GP-1800.
His current posting as Professor (Relations Management) at NAIR deals with coordination of training activities of IRPS Probationers as well as the service matters of the Faculty / Officers and Probationers of NAIR. He also takes session on HR issues.

DOA 10/01/2000
Specialisation Railway Personel Management.

Designation :- Prof. (Signal & Telecom)
Service/Batch :- IRSSE /2005
Email Address :-
P&T Number :- 2651899
Railway :- 45208
Educational Qualifications :- Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics & Telecom, RGPV University, Bhopal. 

Positions held so far :



11.12.2006 11/06/2008
2 ASTE/MGS OL MGS ECR 12/06/2008 22/02/2010
3 DSTE/WORKS/DHN OL DHN ECR 22/02/2010 03/05/2010
4 DSTE/DHN OL DHN ECR 03/05/2010 23/04/2012
5 DSTE/ALD OL ALD NCR 24/04/2012 20/06/2013
6 Sr.DSTE/ALJN OL ALJN NCR 21/06/2013 20/05/2017
7 Dy CSTE/CTC TDL NCRPU TUNDLA NCR 20/05/2017 24/08/2020


Experience :

  • Commissioned the Work of TUNDLA EI WITH YARD REMODELING (613 Routes, SECOND LARGEST EI IN INDIA) as DY CSTE/CTC which was sanctioned in 1998.
  • Commissioned the Work of PANKI EI WITH YARD REMODELING (299 Routes) as DY CSTE/CTC, this was sanctioned in 2003.
  • Commissioned 30 stations of CENTRALISED TRAFFIC CONTROL, TUNDLA which is now under operational trial and commissioned from Aligarh to Panki. The project is sanctioned since 2006 however the commissioning was pending due to technical and other issues.
  • Commissioned 33 RKm of Automatic Signaling with Bidirectional working in Up line and Auto Signaling in Third line in Aligarh Ghaziabad section. The work was sanctioned in 2008-09.
  • Commissioned 15 out of 15 sections of Dual Detection in NCR from Maitha to Aligarh within two year in 2019-20. The work was sanctioned in 2012.
  • Instrumental in commissioning of Automatic Signaling in entire ALJN-GZB section (100 KM) along with major yards EI commissioning like Hathras, Aligarh, Khurja and Dadri as Sr Dste Aligarh (Allahabad Division).
  • Development of MIS tool of Depot Inventory Management system for efficientmanagement of depot material which has been implemented in Allahabad Division and currently being procured in other Railways like NR, NWR and SER.
  • Conceptualized, planned and executed the ALIGARH STATION BEAUTIFICATION PROGRAM in SWATCH BHARAT MISSION by means of wall painting and hanging bottle garden which was appreciated by one and all including Honourable Prime Minister of India Sri Narendra Modi ji, who appreciated this effort in his MANN KI BAAT program aired on 31 July 2016. The program was covered widely in both print and Electronic media and won accolades from all sections of society. The Prime Minister even met the students and the teachers who voluntarily took part in the work in his office and encouraged their participation in the National Mission.

Responsibilities in NAIR : Conducting classroom/online training, development of coursematerial and presentations in BFP, BIP and AFP (Medical), safety course and program for other than Railway officers like NTPC, KRCL etc. This includes any non-Teaching sessions related to these courses. All logistics duties for Signalling (Model room) and Telecommunications infrastructure, e-office in NAIR, Hostels and faculty colony. All logistics issue of PNM. Development of Research papers for publication in journals. Conducting Seminars/Workshops/Webinars on S&T issues. All S&T works including planning, making of proposals, estimates, tender/quotations invitations and finalisations.

Interests : Astrology, vastushastra, sports and yoga.

Specialisation : Project Execution, Commissioning of Major Yards

Training attended :

4 High Speed China, Chengdu 2 Weeks 8/07/2019 19/07/2019


Awards and Recognitions :

  • ReceivedMINISTER OF RAILWAYS AWARDin 2016-17.
  • ReceivedGENERAL MANAGER/ECR AWARDin 2008-09.
  • Certificate for visiting lecture on “EXPERIENCE SHARING FOR MORAL BOOSTING FOR PROBATIONERS”of 2007 Batch on 15.07.2009.
  • Certificate for Paper Presentation on“Training of S&T Executives and Supervisors-Sharing of Experiences and strategies and techniques to make training and information dissemination programme effective.”On 14.09.07.

Earlier Employments :

  • Under Training Flying Officer, Air Force Academy, Hyderabad, Indian Air Force (Jan 2003 – Oct 2003)
  • Junior Telecom Officer, MTNL, Mumbai (Nov 2005 – Dec 2006).

Training Abroad : High Speed, in Chengdu, China. (09/07/2019-19/07/2019).

Papers Written :-

Contact Details :

Railway BSNL E-mail
Off. Res. Off. Res.  
45208 45308

Designation:- Prof.(Accounts Management)
Email Address:-
P&T Number:- 2651899
Railway:- 45225
Educational Qualifications:- 

Experience :


Designation:- Prof.(Rajbhasha)
Service/Batch:- राजभाषा
Grade:- जेएजी
Email Address:-
P&T Number:- 2651896
Railway:- 45233
Educational Qualifications:- 
एम ए, बी.एड., पीएच. डी, पत्रकारिता में डीप्‍लोमा और स्‍नातक

Experience : अंग्रेजी से हिंदी तथा हिंदी से अंग्रेजी में अनुवाद ,राजभाषा कार्यान्‍वयन, हिंदी प्रशिक्षण, कार्यशालाओं का आयोजन, राजभाषा कार्यान्‍वयन समिति की बैठकों का आयोजन, राजभषा प्रगति संबंधी निरीक्षण, हिंदी ग्रंथालयों के लिए पुस्‍तकों की खरीद, मानीटरींग, कंप्‍यूटरों का व्दिभाषीकरण, राजभाषा पत्रिका प्रकाशन, राजभाषा प्रदर्शनीलगवाना,विभिन्‍न हिंदी प्रतियोगिताओं का आयोजन, हिंदी दिवस, राजभषा पखवाडा, हिदी नाटयोत्‍सव का आयोजन, कवि संम्‍मेलन का आयोजन, राजभाषा हिंदी के प्रचार-प्रसार संबंधी विभिन्‍न गतिविधियों का आयोजन।
· Responsibilities in NAIR ::प्रो. राजभाषा,.अनुवाद, प्रशिक्षण, कार्यान्‍वयन
· Interests :अध्‍ययन-अध्‍यापन
· Specialisation :राजभाषा

Designation:- Asst. Prof.(Law Management)
Service/Batch:- RPF
Grade:- Senior scale
Email Address:-
P&T Number:- 2652887
Railway:- 45231
Educational Qualifications:- B. Sc., LLB from Lucknow University, Lucknow.


He has 15 years’ experience in teaching Law and Security at JR RPF Academy Lucknow. Direct Trainers Skill (DTS) Course – Developed by Thames Valley University, U.K. in association with training division DoPT, Govt. of India, at MGSIPA, Chandigarh. Design of Training Course- Developed by Thames Valley University, U.K. in association with training division DoPT, Govt. of India at ATI, Mysore Recognized Trainer (RT in DTS) – DOPT, Govt. of India Experiential Learning Tools (ELT)- Administrative Training Institute, West Bengal Soft Skills for professional Effectiveness: Attitude & Skill Enhancement Lab – IIM Kozhikode
With present assignment as Assistant Professor Law Management and Security Logistic Incharge at NAIR.

DOA 10/06/1992
Specialisation National Resource Person as Recognized Trainer of Direct Trainer Skills of DOPT Govt. of India.

Designation:- Asst. Prof.(Personnel Management)
Service/Batch:- PERSONNEL
Grade:- JS
Email Address:-
P&T Number:-
Railway:- 45234
Educational Qualifications:- BSc.(PHY), PG DIPLOMA IN LABOUR LAWS, MBA (M S UNIVERISTY, VADODARA 2018-20)



DOA 16/04/2012

Other Officers

Designation:- Library & Information Officer
Email Address:-
P&T Number:- 2651881
Railway:- 45235

Designation:- Executive Engineer
Email Address:-
Railway:- 45240